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We provide Okanagan residential roofing and commercial roofing services in New Roof Applications, Roof Conversions, Ventilation, and more. • KC's Contracting & Custom Torchworks

Residential Rooftop Conversions

From mountain side ski chalets covered in snow and ice, to the backyard gazebo, we ensure that our finished product will meet manufacturers requirements for warranty coverage, and naturally weather the years without fail.

Commercial Rooftop Conversions

Commercial roofing applications requiring special materials and equipment can be addressed by our professional staff with care and ease.

Conversion Benefits

We deal in a myriad of products that can make a difference in your heating bills, and in your maintenance costs (in some cases, effectively removing them from the equation).

Black Mould Removal

Pest Control

The insect hives and vermin nests aren't as alarming as Black Mold, but every bit as problematic in their spread and damage. Aged roof spaces have been known to become the homes of not just birds, but all manner of transient species.

Ice Damming

One unfortunate side effect of Canadian living, ice build up can cause issues in any rooftop that has outcropping features such as grommets and screws. Ice build up causes metal to go brittle and break, or simply tears shingles out with the added weight.
Ice damming is caused by lack of proper ventilation, which can mean you're sustaining moisture damage, which could lead to some of the above issues.

Preventative Maintenance

Old technology needs replacing for obvious reasons. New materials, new ideas, new designs, new systems, new rooves. If your rooftop is over twenty years old, chances may be that you're in dire need of a conversion.
Getting your roof inspected by a professional can be easier than you think. Better safe than sorry.

Keywords: commercial roofing, Commercial Roofing Services, Residential Roofing, Roof Applications, Roofing Services, Ventilation,

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icedam removal

British Columbia roofing contractors know the hazards of ice build up and how to ventilate your roof and alleviate the problem. Ice damming is especially problematic when expansion occurs, causing shingles, tiles and seams to break. Still the easiest way to tell where your hotspots are: Watch for melting snow. KC's Contracting & Custom Torchworks.



Simply put, without proper ventilation, your roof will not release heat properly during the winter time, hence it will cook a layer of snow, which runs downward, and refreezes where the heat is not as intense. Your home has to endure a lot of drastic temperature shifts and weather conditions throughout the year. Okanagan Roofing contractors, Kelowna roofing services.



The materials we use are guaranteed against a wide variety of problems, but just as with anything, the proper care and attention can ensure your roof for ages beyond any warranty. The cap flashing shown here is in fact too short to reach the gravel surface where it would provide protection for the tar against the sun's UV rays. As this occurs, the initial drainage strategy no longer applies, hence water begins to pond, and cause further damage.



We provide Okanagan residential roofing and commercial roofing services in New Roof Applications, Roof Conversions, Ventilation, and more. With 20 years experience in the construction industry, KC's Contracting offers consulting for all your project needs. KC's Contracting & Custom Torchworks.