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By: Itchy's Alphabet  09-12-2011
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A unique phonics program, Itchy's Alphabet cards and support products provide children with a visual cue to the letter shape as well as an auditory cue for the letter sound. For example, many of the commercially-made alphabet sets use 'moon' or 'monkey' for the 'm' sound.
When children visualize these key words they do not envision the letter 'm'. When children think of our key-word, 'mountains', it immediately reminds them of the formation of the letter 'm' - the one with the mountains.

Product Lines

Starter Sets

Choose from our standard Starter Set, a Pre-school Starter Set or a Homeschool Starter Set.

Preschool Program

The Preschool Program is designed to introduce young children to Itchy’s Alphabet and provide a smooth transition into the Kindergarten program.


Both have all of the characters from Itchy's Alphabet.


This set of 25 adorable Itchy erasers makes an ideal holiday gift or end-of-programreward for your students.

Itchy Figurines

Itchy is a colorful, commercially-made plush worm with fuzzy hair, used to reinforce the short i sound. He is about 10" long and is a favorite with the students. (Assorted colors.)

Hands on Vowels

Children won't forget their short vowel sounds with these soft plush manipulatives in the image of each of our vowel picture cues. A must for every primary classroom!

Interactive Games CD's

Have fun learning letter sounds and shapes with Itchy's Alphabet Interactive Games CD!

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Keywords: Alphabet Cards, Letter Sound,