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By: Isagenix Dream  18-04-2014
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WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS OF A GOOD CLEANSE? There are many systems, shakes, mixtures, potions and strategies one may find when researching a proper, effective cleanse. Here are your 'Cliff's Notes' cleanse-style, so you can skip over all the ineffective nonsense out there: Cleansing liquid should contain at least 20 active ingredients. Antioxidants need to be present to slow down oxidative stress. The cleanse must contain nutrients that are being put back into the body as the other active ingredients are cleaning out the toxins. Enzymes are a must. There needs to be a balance of healthy bacteria to assist the purge and break down nutrients for optimal absorption. Make sure it contains 'trace minerals'. In our society, the food we eat does not even come close to providing us with enough essential trace minerals that are key for the detox process and ongoing defense. The cleansing product must be 100% natural. Why go through all these steps to just add artificial sweeteners, dyes or chemicals back into the body? Look for ingredients like Aloe (which will bind to toxins for expulsion) and Pau D'arco (an ancient herb with an impressive benefit list as long as the lineups at Walmart) Water, water, water!

Keywords: best cleanse

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