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By: Huska Holdings  09-12-2011

Huska Holdings grinds wood debris into mulch and creates compost products that are then used or sold to the public.

We produce usable bi-products for either Bio Mass Fuel or compost while reducing the potential for forest fires.

Our methodology is more economical than box burning. Grinding is more environmentally friendly and reduces the fine particulates being released in the air.

Site preparation for regeneration is carried out to create a good environment for the efficient growth of seeds and seedlings.

Site preparation methods will depend on the physical and biological characteristics of the area requiring work.

Therefore, site inspections and specific evaluations must be done for proper assessment.

Proper site preparation is essential.
The basic rule for clearing is to clear only what is necessary.

Each of our steps follows a natural progression through investigation, approval, and action until we understand the most efficient means of getting the job done.

With your approval, we then proceed and prepare the site for development.

Huska Holdings offers a range of services and business knowledge to implement the correct solution for your project.

We work closely with your company and vision to implement our services and achieve your overall project goals.

Huska Holdings will present you with various development and implementation options and make the appropriate service suggestion which will lead to an optimal solution.

-You need to clear trees and vegetation on the job site and dispose of it in a cost effective, environmentally friendly way.

Industry (Mining/Forestry)
-You need to convert the production of wood waste in the mill yards to hog fuel.
-You need to produce a compost product full of nutrients to regenerate vegetation.

-You need to reduce the total volume of landfill waste and recycle it into usable bio fuel or compost.
-You need help to reach your goals for the government clean air act.

Our top concern is always the safety of the workers, the public and the operating equipment.

We complete an assessment on how to efficiently complete the project at hand.

We help to determine the value of the merchandisable wood & finished product to keep the cost down.

We keep clients informed by involving the client in every step of our process.

Upon completion of the project we make sure the site is cleaned to satisfy and exceed our clients expectations.

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