Greenwave Construction Commercial Kelowna Home Renovations

By: Greenwave Construction  09-12-2011

General Contractor Kelowna

A General Contractor in Kelowna is responsible for all aspects of a construction Project. The General Contractor must be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the construction process.

At Greenwave Construction we strive to promote the highest standards in construction. We utilize our 25 years of experience of running projects to proactively avoid challenges and maintain a smooth running project.

Our clients will receive a schedule, budget, and contract that include a detailed breakdown of the work to be completed. The client will be informed on an ongoing basis about there project in a friendly yet professional manner.

Construction Consulting Kelowna

An experienced contractor provides a trustworthy source of solutions, advice, expertise and guidance to help clients navigate through the confusing stressful process of the home improvement process.

At Greenwave Construction we offer consulting for those customers that want to try and run a project themselves. This can be ongoing or occasionally when the customer feels they need some guidance. It?s a great feeling to know you have such a wealth of experience to draw from.

Greenwave Constructions greatest strength is twenty five years of experience solving job site challenges. "We work where the rubber meets the road." We can help with advice and direction. We have seen it all. If an engineer is required or any other building official we will help connect you with that particular expertise or discipline needed.

Construction and Renovation Budget Control

Often when a renovation "nightmare" happens it is because of cost overruns. This can be a customer's main concern. With Greenwave Construction you will get a professionally prepared budget that is not based on best guesses of costs but rather based on actual trade's quotes and accurately calculated costs.

You will be consulted as to any budget matters and guided on how to maintain your project's cost. If there are any allowances for selections a customer must make then the costs will clearly stated and documented. It is our goal to keep clients on track and on budget at all times.

Construction Quality Control Systems

Hand in hand with budget comes quality control. Construction work must be monitored for quality, finish and the Canadian building code. Greenwave Construction's standards in some areas may exceed that of the Canadian Building Code.

This occurs if we feel extra precautions should be taken to ensure quality or reliability. Our supervisors monitor, inspect and report to Greenwave Construction and the customers any issues that are not up to our standards.

The trade or supplier is immediately notified and the issue is tracked by our supervisors until rectified. Qualified supervision, reporting, tracking and quality control give us a system second to none in the industry.

Construction Site Supervision

Correct and competent site supervision is one of the most important aspects to the management of any construction project. It is where small errors can be corrected, and large problems avoided.

Project supervision should not be left to just anyone, but left in the capable hands of a construction veteran, and a fully qualified tradesman with many years of in the field experience will lead to a successful completion of the project.

David's leadership, organizational skills and ability to communicate and direct activities will make or break a project. At Greenwave our supervisors bring with them at least 25 years site supervision experience and a trade's Red Seal certification.

Construction Scheduling Controls

A properly prepared Construction schedule is the framework a project hangs on. The schedule controls and directs the sequence of the project.

To produce a schedule Greenwave Construction consults with clients to establish there needs and the suppliers and trades to determine availability. After this a schedule is constructed detailing all tasks, resources, milestones and a critical path.

The critical path is the sequence of events that must occur for the project to proceed on time. The schedule is then shared with all parties. This scheduling system keeps the project on time and on budget.

Greenwave Construction Kelowna specializes in Home and Commercial Renovations, General Contracting and Construction Management throughout the Okanagan.

We take the home work out of home improvements.