By: Global Broadband  09-12-2011

Global Broadband Incorporated utilizes a modern fleet of serviced, fully-inspected and boom certified telecommunications construction equipment, geared to tackle even the most challenging of projects and terrain.  With safety established without exception at the forefront, our line crew is comprised exclusively of climbers – no bucket lineman here.  Years of experience and expertise allow our construction foreman to integrate the safety of our personnel, the public and the environment into every aspect of our business.

            Pole & Anchor Placement
            Installation of Strand & Hardware
            Lashing & Underground Cable Placement
                        • Fiber Optic Cable
                        • Copper Cable
                        • Heavy Copper Cable
            Fiber Optic Jetting
            Civil Work

Global Broadband Incorporated’s credo – it’s all in the detailsPrecision, excellent craftsmanship and the completion of work to specification using state of the art equipment.
Our team understands that building a network right the first time for our customers to pass onto theirs is absolutely essential.
            Fiber Optic Splicing
                        • Multi-mode, single-mode & ribbon
                        • Cabinet & premise terminations
                        • G-PON deployment
                        • HFC build

            Copper Splicing
            Network Cutovers
            Norscan Deployment & Troubleshooting
            Network Disaster Recovery

Our highly-trained technicians manage optical test equipment with proficiency, confidence and the knowledge necessary to accurately analyze and document results. 
Today’s networks demand it.
            OTDR & Power Meter Testing
            Specialized Testing, including PMD & CD
            Documentation & Results

Head-ends / CO
Whether working alongside a customer’s engineer, or called upon to project manage – our team can build it.

            Building Construction
            Rack & Hardware Installation
            Fiber & Cable Management