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By: Drive Wise Canada  09-12-2011
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In-Car Driving Programs

Want a couple of lessons just before you attempt your road test?

Interested in getting your new driver a few beginner lessons to help you at home?

Don't have time for a full training program?

Then this is the place for you! We have individual package to suit any new driver. Our highly trained instructors are trained in all aspects of learning to drive, from the very beginning, to more advanced maneuvers and road test preparation skills. Let us know what you want your new driver to learn, or leave it up to our instructors to evaluate their skills and work on what's necessary. HST included in all packages! Plus - Add on the famous DriveWise Classroom sessions to any 3 lesson package for only $59.00!

Victoria DS1: Road Test Evaluation – 1 ½ hours (90 minutes)

Your instructor will evaluate your driving and work on the skills necessary to pass the ICBC road test. Skills include parking, scanning intersections, lane changes, blind spot checks and many others! (meeting at the DriveWise office)

CAD $136.00

Victoria DS2: Parking Made Easy – 1 ½ hours (90 minutes)

Your instructor will meet you at home/work or school and begin to teach you the skills of PARKING! Many people fail their road test over the parking maneuvers so this is a very valuable lesson! You will work on Parallel Parking, Hill Parking (up hill and down hill); Stall parking (driving in and backing into stalls); and add some defensive driving techniques as well! A lesson you won’t want to miss!

CAD $136.00

Victoria DS3: GET RID OF YOUR “N” – 1 ½ hours (90 minutes)

Let’s face it! After driving for over a year and a half, we will all pick up “bad habits!” Now it’s time to GET RID OF THEM! If you are getting ready to attempt the 2nd (class 5) road test with ICBC then this is the package for you! We will go over some of your general driving skills breaking your old habits and spend time preparing for the last road test! Hazard perception while driving will be expected as well as a formal highway/freeway drive. You will then be ready to take the test with ICBC to allow you to have a class 5 licence……after that….no more road tests until you’re 80!

CAD $136.00

Victoria DS4: Highway/Freeway Lesson Package – 1 ½ hours (90 minutes)

Do higher speeds intimidate you? Want to learn the PROPER way to enter and exit a highway? Need to work on lane changes at higher speeds? Sign up now for the Highway lesson. This is a 90 minute appointment (meeting at the DriveWise office) to show you all this and more! A valuable lesson for even the best of drivers to get a refresher on proper technique!

CAD $136.00

Victoria DS5: Defensive Driving Package A - 3 x 1 ½ hour lessons (3 x 90-minute driving lessons)

This package will be scheduled as 3 separate – 90-minute appointments. Your instructor will do a quick evaluation to see what you will need to work on for your lessons. Lots of defensive driving and road test preparation included as well as parallel parking, reverse stall parking and more! A formal written evaluation near the end of the package will show you what you may need to practice. Add a road test to this package and you’ll be on your way as an “N” driver!

CAD $400.00

Victoria DS6: Defensive Driving Package B – 6 x 1 ½ hour lessons (6 x 90-minute driving lessons)

Do you need a bit more time in the car to hone those skills? This is a great package to assist your Co-Driver at home in working on the skills to make you a great driver! Many defensive driving skills taught, as well as road test preparation (parking and general driving skills). You will also receive a formal written evaluation near the end of this package to show what you may need to practice in the future. A road test package makes a great “add-on” to show the examiners you were trained by the BEST!

CAD $784.00

Victoria DS8: Road Test Package – 1 appointment – 2 ¼ hrs

Your instructor will meet you at a convenient location, do a 45 minute “warm-up” drive in the DriveWise car. This is the same car you will take to the ICBC road test! An ICBC examiner will accompany you in the training car to test your skills! You will then be dropped off after the road test.

**ICBC road test fees are not included**

CAD $180.00

Class 5 Road Test Lesson

Meet at the DriveWise office for a quick evaluation of your driving skills. This 90-minute PRIVATE in-car driving lesson helps you prepare for ICBC's Class 5 road test.

The item includes:
- Refresher lesson to review your skills for ICBC's second level Class 5 road test
- Freeway/Highway time

CAD $136.00

Victoria SS1: Start Safe In-Car Training Program - 3 x 1 ½ hour lessons (3 x 90-minute lessons)

This program is designed with the brand new driver in mind! We work on all the beginner driving skills during the 3-90 minute in car driving lessons your driver needs! Not sure how to teach your teen the basic skills? No problem! Let DriveWise get them to a point in their driving where you feel comfortable and confident driving around town with them!

Each new driver will learn the following:

The item includes:
- Lesson #1
- Circle Check
- Proper Seat adjustment
- Dashboard controls
- Braking and Accelerating
- Hand over Hand steering
- Blind spot areas (yes, there are 4 of them!)
- Left and Right hand turns using scanning and Left, Centre and Right
- Curb Judgement
- Lesson #2
- Circle Check
- Review of Left and Right turns
- Waiting at Traffic Lights
- Review Curb Judgement
- Lane Changes
- Parking Skills
- Busier Traffic
- Busier Intersections
- Lesson #3
- Review of Busier Turns
- Review of Parking Skills
- City Driving
- Parallel Parking
- Large Intersections
- Traffic Lights
- Point of No Return

CAD $400.00

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