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By: Dotcom Media  09-12-2011

A content management system wears 3 hats – Design, Structure and Content. The design layer can be completely reworked for a new user interface without the need for any adjustments to structure or content. The structure can be adjusted for additional functionality with no changes required to design and content.  Content can be changed with no need to adjust the front-end design or functional structure. The separation of these three areas creates the flexible strength of a content management system. 

Our Content Management System (CMS) – Simple

By definition non-proprietary software, refers to software that has no proprietary restrictions attached to it, particularly the restriction about the access to the source code. Our custom built CMS is just that. The code is yours. Full access is given. In the event a business relationship does not continue between your business and DotCom Media, another firm/developer may be hired to alter, expand or delete the source code. The solution does not need to be hosted within our hosting environment. It may be hosted on any server capable of running running PHP 5.x or better and a current version of MySQL 5.x or better. PHP will also need to have the GD library installed for photo-resizing.

Our CMS is so simple to use that we called it Simple .cms. Some core features include:

  • User friendly and effective for all levels of authorized users including non-technical users.
  • Identify all key users and their content management roles.
  • No software to install, just easy access from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editing experience that allows staff to quickly and easily enter content.
  • Maintain the integrity of the clean site design, theme, formatting and font styles.
  • Manage your site menu structure (navigation) and hierarchy.
  • Media management: easily browse and upload images and documents.
  • News system with archive that allows for easy addition of new content to your website, keeps homepage content fresh and helps grow your website.
  • Photo gallery system that allows for the creation of multiple pages with galleries and provides easy multi upload of a series of images that can be viewed through attractive image-views.
  • Allow viewers to share / promote content through the social networking sites (ie: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, etc.).
  • Non-proprietary, based on open source technologies and php programming that enables your site to be hosted anywhere and managed with anyone.

Our CMS is SEO-friendly

  • It gives you full control over your meta data so you can update it with appropriate keywords that reflect the content on each page.
  • It generates dynamic URLs that incorporate H1 tag keywords; a really good CMS will give you control over your URL text so that you can alter each page link to your liking.

In other words - a good CMS is an SEO-friendly CMS. A good CMS should fully compliment traditional search engine optimization efforts.

We have implemented our solution into hundreds of our client sites. We have sites that are full eCommerce, radio stations, community portals, wineries, breweries, motels, retailers, lawyers, airline support services, real estate, online education providers, and many more. 

The CMS engine is very powerful and yet so versatile. We can wrap it (brand it) for your needs.

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