Design and Brand Consulting

By: Csek Creative  11-10-2010
Keywords: Web Site Design, site design, Web Designer

Many people would consider Csek Creative to be a "visual" firm and as such, assume that when we speak of branding that we mean it only in a visual context that pertains to graphic and layout design and how a logo may be positioned. While this partially true, our approach is also to look at the larger picture of a company and the invisible assets of their business practices - their spirit, values, personality, and competitive advantage.

Websites and website technology, as well as people's expectations of them, has evolved in such a way that these online expression mediums - websites, facebook, twitter, linked-in, and blogs - have become a true extension of a company. People interact with them (or want to) much like they would interact with a human being. In the end, they want to have a favourable encounter - which could mean finding the needed bit of information, having a quick and painless shopping experience, or having direct communication.

Our consultation process encourages the discovery of your invisible assets because often they are buried deep. They're not just lying around. Sometimes they're buried so deep that a company may not even be aware that they have them. Whether your company has an already existing brand or not, our Design and Brand Consulting services will help you better understand how they can be best implemented in any new website, website software, or service.

We believe that each business is unique. Our objective at the planning stage is that of discovery. We want to find out how you work, what your clients are like, your long-term plans, and what may be impeding you from getting there.

Keywords: site design, Web Designer, Web Site Design, website designer