Finding Solutions to Problems with Foundations and Foundation Repair

By: Techno Metal Post Bc  09-12-2011

One of the things that comes up when doing original construction, repair construction or addition construction is establishing a firm foundation so all the mission critical work can be executed without fear of the foundation giving out. It's the cornerstone of all construction work - putting a solid foundation in place before the work is to begin.

Why Metal Screw Piles?

Traditionally, construction crews use concrete or wood foundations to bear the load of a structure - temporary or permanent. Concrete is the number one choice, but it is invasive, takes a tremendous amount of tedious time to mix, pour, and then wait for it to cure - all before you can even begin to work on the job at hand. Not to mention, cleaning up and/or removing concrete is unnecessary backbreaking work. So there is an alternative, and that is metal screw piles. Techno Metal Post provides a metal screw piling solution that is more economical, (time & resources expended) and environmentally sound.

An Example..

Let's say you want to add a sun deck to your home, and your home has an extensive and expertly manicured lawn and landscaping. You assess the scenario and come to the conclusion that pouring concrete would require tearing up the lawn and other time-consuming and disruptive excavation work to put the foundation in place. However, this is an unacceptable option, as the added cost of redoing the landscaping is entirely unexpected and therefore not part of your budget. Not to mention the unsightly disturbance of your property during the entire construction period. By using Techno Metal Post's helical foundation systems, you can have an alternative means of performing the support work that you need to get your project down with the small footprint possible.