TOOLS FOR LIFE or in The Creation of Your Best Life, Ebook

TOOLS FOR LIFE or in The Creation of Your Best Life, Ebook from Shannon Yung Hypnosis

By: Shannon Yung Hypnosis  15-08-2013
Keywords: Weight Loss, Stress Management, lose weight

The book TOOLS FOR LIFE or in The Creation of Your Best Life... are of briefly channeled sessions that took place over a number of months. What you have before you is the work or workings of one individual channel or processor, we call, Shannon Lynn. She has been working with us from within the angelic realms for a number of years now, in your time. She comes forth in the guidance and for the direction of each of you here, guiding and showing you to the steps of the light of the Lord within each of you here, or in this then the stepping available to and for you, once and if you then decide to make it so; just meaning, that in which you are then willing to take the steps or in the directions of and toward, and into… Into the unknown and the undiscovered depths of thy very own souls in this, into the light of the Lord that does indeed, always has and always will lie from within the very each of you here, now and forever. Amen. Peace be to the Lord, our God, in this here then. Amen. Peace be to all.

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