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By: Shannon Yung Hypnosis  30-08-2013
Keywords: Weight Loss, Anxiety, Stress Management

Hypnosis is found to be the most effective method in stopping smoking easily and quickly! Despite the images we are bombarded with by the media, stopping smoking is actually an easy thing to do! I am sure most people reading this will assume that I do not know what I am talking about! However, it really is a very simple thing to do – you merely stop smoking! You stop putting cigarettes, or cigars, or whatever your choice of nicotine delivery, into your mouth and stop inhaling the smoke. Unfortunately without proper mental preparation this does not work, or if it does they can suffer from depression, anxiety, become short-tempered with people and crave nicotine constantly, usually leading to them lighting up again ‘for their sanity’s sake’ or ‘for their family’s sake’. You can stop smoking, without any of the above horrors which we ‘know’ accompany stopping, just by making the decision to and then never lighting another cigarette, providing your thoughts about stopping are correct. If you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you do not need cigarettes, that they do nothing for you, that you are already a non-smoker and that you are, in fact, very happy about the situation then you would not put another cigarette into your mouth again! Using hypnosis, we will strengthen your inner resolve. We will remove all the wrongful thinking surrounding smoking and cigarettes. When your unconscious mind accepts the suggestions that you have become a non-smoker, there will be no withdrawal symptoms or strong cravings. In fact, any cravings you have you will meet with “Wow! I’m a non-smoker! This is the last time I will ever feel this craving!” rather than “Oh no, I’m craving a cigarette… maybe I’ll just have one” and falling back into the trap.

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