By: Lavabox  09-12-2011
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Website Hosting

For the small to medium website, the most economical option is shared hosting. With plans starting at $14.99 per month, we can help you establish your internet presence.


Redundancy: All sites are installed on at least two servers -- a main server and a failover server.  If the main server is down for maintenance or any other reason, the failover server takes over immediately and continues to service the people browsing your site.

Security: Server software is kept up to date and servers reside behind a Cisco firewall which helps to keep unwanted hackers and scanners from compromising your website.

Experience: Your friendly LavaBox support staff has decades of combined experience that serves to keep things running smoothly and consistently.

Server co-location

Do you want to maintain your own server on a fast, reliable fibre line without having to pay an exhorbitant monthly usage fee? Park your server at LavaBox and enjoy worry free uptime.

E-Mail Service

Domain Registration

Lavabox is an OpensSRS domain reseller and we provide domain registration as a service to our clients. We are authorized to register

  • .com / .net / .org
  • .ca
  • .info
  • .biz
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Keywords: Domain Registration