Couples/Marital Therapy

By: Kamloops Centre For Therapy  09-12-2011

The sad fact is that by the time most couples come to therapy they have already left the relationship. small part of them whispers "perhaps.this can still work".  This is the happy fact.

The role of the therapist is to attune to this small part and uncover its 'real' size.  It may, very well, be extremely small.  It will have been diminished by misunderstandings, mis-communications, past hurts, and a misguided template for relationship dynamics.  It may be too late.  It may not be.  Identifying the issues within and outside the relationship and developing a safe and honest way of communicating needs, doubts, and fears is part of the process of couples therapy.

The goal in couples and marital therapy is for each individual to feel respect for themselves and for the other..regardless of the outcome.  It is a commitment to address communication (verbal, body, and tone), to address empathic understanding, and to develop healthy conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

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Anger and Conflict

Not without a deep insightful understanding of what lies beneath the anger, the triggers/buttons/subconscious material are identified, understood, and placed in the context of the person's life. The goal of therapy is to put things into perspective from today’s view and to develop more appropriate and healthy responses that are mature, assertive, and relation-preserving. Here’s the secret ..Anger management does not work.


Depression and Anxiety

Self-defeating thoughts, distorted thinking patterns, unrealistic expectations of themselves or others, conflicting belief systems, and a fear of expressing feelings are the recipe ingredients of depression and anxiety. The role of the therapist in dealing with these very common problems is to help people identify the ways in which depression and anxiety diminish their lives and how they can fight back to gain or re-gain control.


Eating Disorders

The role of the therapist is to de-construct these socio-cultural norms and establish a more personal and healthy set of rules that more aptly applies to each individual. They devour the person’s sense of self, their right of entitlement to the simplest of pleasures, their power to expect to be listened to, seen, respected, and valued.


Grief and Loss

The goal of grief and loss therapy is to pass the lantern of hope and purpose onto the person who, for a short time, does not have the strength to hold it themselves. We will hurt when we lose someone that matters to us, when we face betrayal, when our dreams are shattered, when we thought that what could be, could not be. Grief, though extremely painful, allows us to find meaning and purpose when we come out of the other end of the tunnel.


Individual Therapy

The goal in individual therapy is the uncover and polish the gems that already exist within you, to empower you to own your own strengths and gifts, to develop and expand your understanding of how and why you think, feel and behave the way you do, and to explore alternatives that are more helpful, more creative and more progressive.


Personal Growth and Development

The goal of therapy is to develop self-concepts that surpass the past and create a new identify of passion, excitement and calculated risk. This type of therapy is geared towards people who have resolved most of the conflicts of days gone by. We are all eager and excited to discover more about ourselves and what is yet to come. It is also the next step in becoming the best we can be.


Stress Management

The goal of therapy is to see people create a life plan for themselves, so that they can have it all - work satisfaction, connection with family and friends, and time for themselves to pursue their heart’s desires. The role of the therapist is to help people realize how their load is unbalanced and to explore and identify ways to create balance and maintain it so that they can manoeuvre the treacherous terrain of life.