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By: Itel  09-12-2011

The iTel Hosted PBX is the intelligence behind your phone lines, enabling you to effectively manage your resources across all of your locations. By taking your  Phone PBX off premise, we remove failure points and create a single point of control for your entire telecommunication infrastructure.

While SIP trunking allows you to share your line capacity between all of your locations, a Hosted PBX can allow you to share your human capacity. Take advantage of peak time differences to increase your staffing efficiency and productivity. iTel Hosted PBX is the perfect office telephone system for companies with up to 45 employees per location. For larger companies we recommend our Enterprise PBX, the award winning Aastra Mx-One.

Real Benefits

Reduce Costs – A single iTel Hosted PBX can replace the key-systems and legacy Office Telephone Systems at all of your locations. There is no hardware to break or depreciate, and no service charges for system changes.

Share Your Resources – By taking your PBX out of your premises, we can seamlessly route calls between all of your locations. Instead of having to staff for peak call volumes, any overflow calls for a Calgary office can be answered in Vancouver. A single receptionist can answer calls from across the country.

Increase Revenue – Can you quantify how much a single missed phone call can cost your company? Intelligent call routing will help make sure that you capture more of your potential revenue.

Disaster Recovery – Your Virtual PBX exists in multiple, geographically diverse data centers. Even if the lines to a location are cut, your customers and partners still have access to your systems, and calls
can be rerouted to cell phones.

iTel Hosted PBX Advantages

Simple Pricing/Billing – Choose between a shared or dedicated Hosted PBX and receive one monthly bill for all of your locations.

Real Support – Pressing “0” on any iTel phone takes you to an in-house technician that can make service changes instantly, or remind you how to transfer a call.

Easy Administration – A simple online portal allows authorized users to change system options from anywhere. End-users control their own features and services using traditional star codes, a graphical interface, and a web portal.

Included Features

Auto Attendant – Record a professional auto-attendant to route your calls efficiently.

Conference Calling – Our teleconference rooms are an easy way to meet. Your conference participants call a toll free or local number we provide. The caller is asked for their name, and their arrival is announced to the rest of the conference participants. Multiple conference rooms can be created, with up to 25 participants.

Call Transferring Options – Calls can be transferred to cell phones or remote landlines. Assisted transferring lets you check if the call target is available before transferring the call.

Call Recording – Call recording and monitoring are available for all of your calls, at your discretion. Improve quality control and train new employees faster. Review calls to catch important details.

• Native support of SIP, IAX, and ZAP clients (other endpoints are supported through custom extensions)
• Supports multiple trunk technologies
• Route incoming calls based on time-of-day, DID, or CID
• Design sophisticated call groups
• Personal find-me and follow-me
• Manage callers with queues
• Upload custom hold music (MOH)
• Search Office Telephone directory, based on first or last name
• Backup and restore your system nightly
• View call detail reporting
• View extension and trunk status
• Intercom/paging functions; select extensions or groups of extensions
• Building wide announcements

Optional Features

Dedicated Hosted PBX – The dedicated PBX adds new administration
features, and a larger extension limit. Additional features include:

• HOSTED PBX – Virtual PBX GUI access; edit and add extensions and queues, and manage call flows.
• Expanded conference room capacity, up to 50 users
• Custom music-on-hold for both in and outbound calls, queues, and parked calls
• Day/night control to instantly switch to your after-hours message with a simple star command
• Voicemail blasting, allows you to send a recorded message to the extensions you choose, and receive a DTMF (dial tone) response.
• Dynamically change your outbound caller ID

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