Hearing related services and resources for anyone concerned about hearing loss, hearing impairment and hearing disorders

By: Hearing Center Online  09-12-2011

Resource of services available online: nonprofit organizations, healthcare providers, universities, foundations, etc..

    1145 Westgate St., Suite #206
    Oak Park, IL 60301 
    (877) 348-7537 Fax (US only)

    This nonprofit organization is a source of information, research and financial aid for the hearing impaired. They support the use of residual hearing and verbal communication. They also encourage early training and education of hearing impaired children and their families.

    P.O. Box 3355,
    Gettysburg, PA 17325
    (800) 942-2732 Voice and TTY
    (ASDC Parent Hotline) 

    This is an "organization of parents and families that advocates for deaf or hard of hearing children's total quality participation in education, the family and the community." They provide information and support to parents with hearing impaired children.

    This is a professional organization comprised of "more than 97,000 audiologists, speech_language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists. The mission of the American Speech_Language_Hearing Association is to promote the interests of and provide the highest quality services for professionals in audiology, speech_language pathology, and speech and hearing science, and to advocate for people with communication disabilities."

    P.O. Box 5, Portland, 
    OR, 97207-0005
    (503) 248-9985 Voice
    (503) 248-0024 Fax

    This organization is dedicated to providing education, advocacy, researchand support of tinnitus

    2121 Eisenhower Avenue, 
    Suite 402, Alexandria, VA 22314
    (703) 739-1049 Voice 
    (703) 739-0874 TTY 
    (703) 739-0395 Fax

    "Auditory_Verbal International, Inc (AVI) is a private non_profit international membership organization whose principle objective is to promote listening and speaking as a way of life for children who are deaf or hard of hearing."

    105 Western Boulevard, 
    Raleigh, NC 27606
    (800) 541-4327 Voice and TTY

    This organization is a source of emotional and technical support to families with a hearing impaired child or parent.

    5021-B Backlick Road, 
    Annandale, VA 22003
    (800) EAR WELL (info line) Voice
    (800) 448-1833 TTY
    (888) 432-7435 Voice and TTY

    This is a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to providing the hearing impaired, their families and the general public with information on all aspects of hearing loss.

    2435 Holly Lane, Suite / pièce 205,
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1V 7P2
    (800) 263_8068 Toll Free / sans frais
    (613) 526_1584 Voice / voix 
    (613) 526_2692 TTY / ATS
    (613) 526_4718 Fax / télécopieur

    This is "a non-profit, self-help, bilingual consumer organization run by and for persons who are hard of hearing." They promote public awareness and education; lobby for mandatory standards of assisstive hearing devices as well as accessibility for the hard of hearing; and encourage self-help of the hearing impaired.

    125 Western Avenue
    Boston, MA 02134
    (617) 300-3600 Voice/TTY
    (617) 300-1020

    Los Angeles:
    610 N. Hollywood Way
    Suite 350
    Burbank, CA 91505
    818 562-3344 Voice
    818 562-1919 TTY
    818 562-3388 FaxNew York:
    475 Park Avenue South
    10th Floor
    New York, NY 10016
    212 545-0854 Voice
    212 545-8546 (TTY/modem)
    212 545-0957 Fax

    "The Caption Center is the world's first captioning agency and a non-profit service of the WGBH Educational Foundation. The Center is a resource for captioning software and information to the public about captioning services. They also develop and produce captions for television and commercials."

    61 Inverness Drive East, Suite 200, 
    Englewood, CO 80112
    (800) 458-4999 Voice (info line) 
    (800) 523-5798 Voice and TTY

    This organization provides information on cochlear implants.

    5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 440
    Washington, D.C. 20015-2003
    Phone: (202)895-2781
    Fax: (202) 895-2782

    This organization is a source of information and support on cochlear implants.

    6160 Cornerstone Court East, 
    San Diego, CA 92121 3725
    (858) 623-2777 Voice
    (800) 432-7619 TTY
    (858) 642-0266 Fax

    "The California School of Professional Psychology- San Diego (CSPP-SD) was awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), to establish a Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for persons who are hard of hearing or late deafened. The CSPP's Research and Training Center is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with a history of commitment to improving the quality and accessibility of mental health services to this under served

    1350 Potomac Avenue SE,
    Washington, DC, 20003
    (202) 675-6700 Voice and TTY

    This organization advocates and provides information on the rights of the Deaf and their families.

    (at Baptist Hospital)
    1817 Patterson Street, Nashville, 
    Tennessee 37203
    (800) 545_HEAR Voice/TTY (Toll Free)
    (615) 329_7807 Voice/TTY
    (615) 329_7935 Fax

    "The EAR Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization working to educate the public and the medical profession in matters of hearing loss and disease of the ear, and to sponsor basic clinical research into hearing and balance disorders. They offer scholarships for the hearing impaired, information, international outreach programs and medical education programs for qualified physicians."

    800 Florida Avenue N.E., 
    Washington, DC, 20002-3695
    (202) 651-5000 Voice and TTY

    This a Washington, DC based university for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

    This foundation provides financial assistance to parents of hearing impaired children.

    9745 E. Hampton Avenue, Suite 300, 
    Denver, CO, 80231-4923
    (800) 648-HEAR Voice
    (303) 695-7797 TTY

    This is a national non-profit organization which provides help for children and adults who cannot afford hearing aids. They also accept donations of unwanted hearing aids for use by those who need them.

    806 West Adams Blvd., 
    Los Angeles, CA 90007
    (800) 522-4582 (Toll Free)
    (213) 748-5481 Voice
    (213) 747-2924 TTY 
    (213)749-1651 Fax

    This is a non-profit organization the provides support and education and other services free of charge to parents of preschool children who are hearing impaired.

    University of Colorado at Boulder, 
    Department of Speech, Language, 
    and Hearing Science,
    Campus Box 409, Boulder, 
    CO 80309-0409

    "Operated by the University of Colorado at Boulder, this center is for the coordination of statewide systems for screening, diagnosis, and intervention for newborns and infants with hearing loss. It operates under a grant from the U.S. Public Health Service."

    814 Thayer Avenue, Silver Spring, 
    MD 20910-4500
    (301) 587-1788 Voice
    (301) 587-1789 TTY

    Gallaudet University
    800 Florida Avenue N.E., 
    Washington, DC 20002
    (202) 651-5373 Voice and TTY

    This organization in a source of information and legal advice on the civil rights of hearing impaired persons.

    P.O. Box 31345, Raleigh, 
    NC 27622-1345
    (919) 828-1218 Voice and TTY

    This organization is a source of information concerning hearing loss and on help for the hearing-impaired. Information on cued speech is also available.

    Gallaudet University
    800 Florida Avenue N.E., 
    Washington, DC 20002
    (202) 651-5373 Voice and TTY

    This organization gathers and researches information on or relating to hearing loss.

    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Department of Recruitment and Admissions
    Lyndon Baines Johnson Building
    52 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY 14623-5604
    (716) 475-6700 (Voice/TTY)
    (716) 475-2696 (Fax)
    (World Wide Web) 

    This is one of the seven colleges of Rochester Institute of Technology. It is geared to the deaf, hard of hearing and individuals who would like to work in fields related to deaf people. NTID offers "technical and professional education programs, complemented by a strong arts and sciences curriculum, that prepares [the deaf and hard of hearing] to live and work in the mainstream of a rapidly changing global community and enhances their interest and skill in continuing lifelong learning."

    7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 1200, 
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    (301) 657-2248 Voice 
    (301) 657-2249 TTY

    In their words: "SHHH is a consumer, educational organization devoted to the welfare and interests of those who cannot hear well, their relatives and friends. SHHH has 12,000 National members and 9,000 chapter members in all 50 states. As the voice for hard of hearing people, SHHH strives to improve the quality of hard of hearing people's lives through education, advocacy, and self help. We impact on national policy for improved rights, services, research and public awareness."

    P.O. Box 1181, Los Angeles, 
    CA 907020
    (310) 430-1467 Voice and TTY

    This organization is a source of information regarding Signing Exact English.

    6700 Washington Avenue South, 
    Eden Prairie, MN 55346
    (800) 328-8602 Voice

    This foundation provides assistance in the form of free hearing aids to hearing impaired children whose families are unable to pay for them and do not otherwise qualify for assistance.

    23 Ellis Park Rd, 
    Toronto, ON, M6S 2V4
    (416) 762-1490 Voice

    This non-profit organization provides information and support on tinnitus. It is operated by volunteers who suffer from tinnitus themselves.

    2901 N. Keystone St., 
    Burbank, CA 91504
    (818) 972-2080 Voice and TTY

    This organization supplies parents of hearing impaired children information and support concerning deaf education.

    Magnus Ladulasgaten 63, 4tr 118 27, 
    Stockholm, Sweden
    +46 8 442 1499 Fax

    WFD is an international non-profit organization which works to promote human rights for Deaf people worldwide.