eCommerce Solutions to fit your growing business

By: Commercecm  09-12-2011

CommerceCM was developed with the growing business in mind and we have solutions that support a variety of strategies.


We offer a variety of licenses to fit your business strategy and model.  All CommerceCM licenses come with training and support and it is easy to upgrade when you are ready.

All licenses are available with multiple currencies and multiple languages.

Other products and services from Commercecm


CommerceCM Lite - CommerceCM: International eCommerce Software by ideaLEVER

It is an afforable choice for any business that wants a flexible, scalable eCommerce site but does not have an aggressive online strategy, is new to eCommerce, or has a limited budget. Over the years we have found that many merchants, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs have neither the time nor the resources to aggressively promote their sites.


CommerceCM Standard - CommerceCM: International eCommerce Software by ideaLEVER

CommerceCM Standard includes all of the features required to run a sophisticated online operation with dedicated staff and a solid strategy that includes marketing, analysis and constant refinement. CommerceCM offers world class performance and features for ambitious eCommerce merchants who want to seize the eCommerce opportunity and create a significant new source of income.


CommerceCM Catalog - CommerceCM: International eCommerce Software by ideaLEVER

Complex products depend on traditional distribution and retail channels for logistics and consulting to ensure the end user gets the part they actually need. Support your retailers and distributors with a retailer locator that will drive customers to your traditional sales channels. You can update your license at any time to add a full shopping cart and eCommerce functionality.


CommerceCM: International eCommerce Software by ideaLEVER

A single currency, single language CommerceCM catalog implementation costs much less than a four currency, two language, two warehouse, CommerceCM Standard project. CommerceCM is available in a number of configurations to fit the size of your organization and your business strategy. ECommerce implementation costs vary depending on your design and project requirements.