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By: Chisanbop  09-12-2011
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Give your students the foundation that they need in order to be successful readers and writers.
Phonemic Awareness

Part 1 – Incorporating methods from the Lindamood Auditory Discrimination in Dept program (LiPS), participants will learn a multi-sensory approach to teaching phonics. This workshop is a must for any kindergarten or primary school teacher who undoubtedly has students in their class who are experiencing difficulty with basic decoding and spelling.

Part 2 – Multi-syllable words are a snap when students learn how to ‘chunk’ sounds, identify prefixes and suffixes, ‘flex’ on schwa sounds, recognize alternate spelling expectancies, and master ‘ending grid’ patterns. This workshop is useful for elementary and junior high school teachers. It has great applications to all content areas where vocabulary tends to ‘bog’ students down.

Mediated Oral Story Writing

Writing can be one of the most arduous tasks in the curriculum. Often students with output problems never learn how to progress through the Writing Process. Mediated Oral Story Writing frees the student of the physical aspect of writing, yet allows them to experience the Writing Process (from pre-writing to publishing). This technique can also be applied to report

Casting a Spell

Some say that spelling is a lost art. Not so. Now is the time to teach your students some of the simple ‘tricks’ and patterns that will refine their spelling. There is no magic to this workshop, just sound teaching techniques and methods. This workshop is appropriate for teachers of all elementary grade levels.

Read Right? - Reading Strategies for all Grades

Learn how to teach and integrate various research-proven pre- during and post-reading strategies across grades and content areas. These strategies can be applied to both narrative and expository text. The focus is on comprehension (PETT, TELLS, Reciprocal Teaching, and the 3 H’s are among the strategies taught in this workshop, which is appropriate for all grade levels).

Just Picture This…

Incorporating material from the Nanci-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing program, this workshop will demonstrate the power of mental imagery as an aid for reading comprehension, writing, spelling, note taking, math, and goal setting. No other single technique has so many uses! Now is the time to get the ‘other half’ of your brain working.


Chisanbop Korean finger Math

If you have students who struggle to ‘remember’ the basic facts, this workshop is for you. Chisanbop is a multi-sensory technique that is guaranteed to get your students beyond the basic facts and into higher-order mathematical processes. Chisanbop helps to boost understanding of other numerical concepts, as well as place value, money, and time.

What the heck is Meta? Also known as Read, Set, Let’s Think!

This workshop is appropriate for all ages – even adults! Learn how to apply a basic 4-step problem solving model to academic, social, and daily life situations. Modify thoughts and behaviour for success?
** This workshop is especially helpful when setting up a classroom climate of student responsibility.


Workshops on the following topics are also available: Learning Disabilities, Classroom Assessment, and Memory Techniques.

Keywords: Writing

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Includes Student booklets 1 - 9 covering the basics of counting and adding to 9, right up to multiplication and division of the 4,6, and 8 times tables. Provides a detailed description of the sequence of instruction, specific skills at each level, teaching tips, and tracking student progress. Chisanbop Student Workbook Series (CH-ST1.