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By: All Things Organic  09-12-2011
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Use the UrBin Grower just about anywhere!

The UrBin Grower provides endless organic vegetables by facilitating growth through a mixture of the Square Foot Gardening method, all natural soil amendments, and a self-watering reservoir. Simply mix in the amendments with your soil, plant your vegetables, and wait until the roots are long enough to dip into the water reservoir. You’ll never have to worry about over or under watering again!

The UrBin Grower is a self-watering container, which means you don’t need to rush in the morning to water your windowboxes or patio garden, or risk coming home to droopy, wilting plants. The UrBin Grower uses a square water reservoir which the container rests in. The roots of the plant you have in the container will be able to reach down through the soil and drink from the resevoir when necessary, which prevents under or over watering.

Bin Design

Every UrBin Grower comes standard with the following included features:

  • External water reservoir takes the work out of watering
  • Comes with a unique blend of organic soil amendments
  • Provides 30 trace minerals to promote strong, leafy growth!
  • Each container can hold 5 gallons of soil and 1 gallon of water
  • Encourages use of the popular Square Foot Gardening method
  • All the benefits without the headache of having to plot your garden!
  • Comes with step-by-step DVD showing how to set up and manage your UrBin Grower
  • Made using high quality recycled plastics!
  • Perfect companion piece for the Worm Factory 360
  • Use your compost to produce healthy, all natural veggies!
  • Made and manufactured in USA

1 Urbin Grower

2 Urbin Growers

* Canadian Customers Only – Shipping and Handling costs will appear as "To Be Determined" when you place your order. The actual cost will depend on your location, please refer to the following chart to find your shipping and handling costs.

Other areas in Canada please call 1-877-372-1835 for a shipping and handling estimate.

** Alaska and Hawaii please call 1-877-372-1835 for a S/H estimate.

The Value of Trace Minerals

A volcanic rock mined on Mt. Baker in Northwest Washington State.

A volcanic rock mined in central Oregon, used widely in agriculture.

Glacial Dust
Found in western Canada, these rich deposits of minerals were left behind as glaciers receded.

Both plants and animals, including humans benefi t from regular supply of trace minerals, which are best transferred to the human body through vegetables grown in soil rich in trace minerals.

Today nearly all agriculture land is depleted of trace minerals, due in part to the exclusive use of chemical fertilizers and ground water pollution. For trace minerals to be quickly absorbed by plants they must be fi nely ground into rock dust or rock. In technical terms - 75 microns.

Because these trace minerals are so fi nely ground, they react like clay, clumping together when any amount of moisture is added.

Trace minerals in the soil amendments included in the UrBin Grower attach to dry coir when mixed together. This spreads the trace minerals evenly as the coir is in all of the soil medium in the UrBin Grower.

It is not necessary to add or replace trace minerals, because they are slowly released in the soil medium over many years.

Why do I need these Soil Amendments?

The soil amendments and trace minerals included with the UrBin Grower are not commonly available in small quantities. These soil amendments will provide the basis of a long lasting soil medium. We do not include soil or organic compost, which is widely available at most garden centers.

Soil amendments included with the UrBin Grower:

Coconut Coir is a byproduct of coconut husks. Formerly Coir was discarded, but is now recognized as a renewable replacement for peat moss. Coir is used in three forms, screened, chunks, and shredded. Coir is an amazing soil amendment which offers the following soil improvements:

  • High water holding capacity
  • Retains and releases nutrients
  • Naturally weed free
  • Disease resistant
  • Spongy texture
  • Excellent air space & drainage
  • Develops elaborate root systems
  • Neutral to slightly acidic pH
  • Soil amendment & conditioner

Keywords: Shipping And Handling, water reservoir, Worm Factory

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