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By: Case Computing  09-12-2011

Legal & Professional Computer Consulting

We have been dealing with law firms and business professionals like you for the last 20 years, and working in the computer industry longer than that. Our expertise ranges from setup of standard software to the implementation of Wide Area networking technologies for firms with multiple locations.  Our purpose is to provide your office with the most efficient and practical computing solution possible, whether you are an office of 3 or 300 people.


Customized Time Matters


Database Design

We are experts in the customization and implementation of the powerful Time Matters


Database program.  This program has been helping law and business professionals manage their clients and practices for over 15 years, and is the most widely used practice management software.  Case Computing can design a database layout for your particular business needs, to ensure the most efficient and time saving use of this powerful business program.  We have designed databases for various business clients, from Corporate lawyers to Aircraft Mechanics.  Our customization services include:
  • Document Management implementation
  • Automatic Document Generation using database information
  • Automation of important dates and time/date sensitive information
  • Data input forms customized for your business’s requirements
  • Important Reports and information generation
  • Design Services customized for your particular industry
  • Time and Billing Setup
  • Training of administrators and users to maintain and further the usefulness of your database

Crystal Reports SQL Reporting

Using the industry standard Crystal Reports program, we have designed and implemented reporting solutions for our clients which goes beyond the capabilities found in their database programs.  For some of our clients, the ability to generate meaningful reports from their practice management system was not adequate for the reporting needs that they had.  Using Crystal Reports we are are able to extract information from SQL programs like Time Matters and turn it into important and meaningful documents, analysis and reports previously locked away in their systems or difficult to extract.  We also do custom reporting for other programs and applications as well.  In fact, we can help you get more intelligent reports from almost any data collection system out there.

Hardware & Software Consulting & Integration

We have the experience necessary to help you select the right combination of hardware and software for your office.  Our 18 years of experience will ensure you get the right technology to do the job.  Our qualified staff has successfully implemented the following office systems:

  • Document Management Systems

  • Document Imaging

  • Local, Metropolitan , Wide Area and Wireless network hardware and software technologies

  • Corporate and Office software

Qualified Network Integration & Installation

Whether you need help integrating into an existing network, or you are setting up a new one, we have the tools and experience that will make the difference for you.  Our experience ranges from single server offices to multi-location Wide Area Networks. We are familiar with a wide range of Network Operating Systems such as Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows Server, and are industry certified for the toughest networking challenges.  We can help you with both wired and wireless networking technologies, as well as network device integration using photocopiers, fax devices, printers and others.