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By: Hardy Mountain Coffee roasters  28-01-2011
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Hardy Mountain Coffee Roasters

Blends and Espresso coffees:

 *Note: espresso is not determined by its degree of roast, but rather its balance of selected green beans best prepared as espresso (an extraction method using hot water and steam). Each varietal of green bean should be able to stand alone as a single origin, but together have a sensational cup profile. In this case the sum is greater than its parts.

Crowsnest blend – medium-medium/darkroast: a nice balance from Central America.

Remarks: crisp and refined aroma suggests delicate hints of aromatics and baking spices. Penetrating fruit toned acidity, silky mouth feel suggests orange – toned chocolate in the finish.

Elephant Head espresso – medium/dark – dark roast: a articulate espresso that dominates the cup.

Remarks: Hints of orange milk chocolate and macadamia nut. In the cup kumquat nutmeg and baking spices. Over all lingering tones of nutty chocolate with a chiffon mouth feel.



Santa Rosa blend – medium/dark roast:a nice arrangement of origins.

Remarks: In the cup an impressive aroma of sweet caramel and nut tones, full rounded mouth feel and a woody but rich flavour complicated by hints nut and chocolate.

49 parallel blend – dark roast: a modern twist on the centuries old mokha java blend.

Remarks: A complex of fruit toned chocolate dominates aroma and cup with deepened hints of earth and aromatics at the finish. This blend has a rounded balance of acidity with a silky moth feel.

Single origin coffees:

 Costa Rica – Cloza Estates – medium roast:from El Rosario Naranjo of Costa Rica’s west valley.

   Remarks: the wet processing method of this coffee contributes to a very clean, light cup, with delicate acidity, green melon and honey flavours married with light floral aromatics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Ethiopia Harrar gr.4 – medium / dark roast: coffee is indigenous to Ethiopia and grew wild on the Harrar plateau before man. In Ethiopia that was long, long ago.

Remarks: the natural process of this coffee is like drinking blueberries and chocolate. This is the Full Monty of the Ethiopian natural coffee world with Amazing sweetness and very uniform consistency.

Guatemala - San Pedro la Laguna - medium roast: coffee from this region of Guatemala is washed and sundried. San Pedro la Laguna is grown between 1500 and 1600 mas. On the volcanic slopes overlooking Lake Atitlan.  This region benefits from rich volcanic soil.

Remarks: this coffee introduces itself with aromas of citrus and gingerbread. The initial impression is reinforced by sweet candied lemon acidity and silky mouth- feel. With its great clarity, flavours of stone-fruit, raisin and cane sugar are unmistakeable in this fine Guatemalan coffee.

 Sumatra Mandheling - medium/dark – dark roast: Sumatran coffee beans are some of the heaviest, smoothest, and most complex coffees in the world.

   Remarks: this creamy bodied coffee is enhanced by deep molasses and age wood tones with a pungent loamy sweet flavour.


Cascadia blend decaf dark roast: 100% chemical free Swiss water decaf arabica blend, serves up clean and sweet with guilt free fairly traded coffees from Indonesia south and central America.

Hardy Mountain Coffee Roasters is a locally owned micro green coffee roaster. Located in the beautiful Kettle River valley of Grand Forks, British Columbia. With fifteen years of experience in the coffee industry we are able to service all of your coffee needs.                                                                                                                                       

Being a micro green coffee roaster has it’s advantages in enabling us to pay more attention to detail. Up to date equipment allows us to roast raw coffee beans to their peak perfection.

State of the art packaging gives the customer the satisfaction that our coffee stays fresh everytime .


At Hardy Mountain Coffee Roasters we strive to balance the needs of the environment with the needs of the people. Dealing with companies whose philosophies incorporate the use of fair and direct trade policies. Hardy Mountain Coffee works hard at sourcing natural and organic coffees from cooperatives around the globe. We believe that only this way can we produce a product to market our customers.

Our chosen commitment to strive for excellents is driven by our commitment to people. Hardy Mountain Coffee Roasters mandate is to bring people of a producing region closer to people of a consuming region through knowledge and education.

When we better understand where our consumable items come from we are better informed about the choices we make. Hardy Mountain Coffee endevours to use only ethical products through afilliations such as:

·         Organically certified products

·         Fair-trade certified producers

·         Direct-trade companies

·         Rainforest alliance producers

·         Coffee kids – to name a few

These certifications and alliances are designed to help the social economical and environmental state of producing origins.Our willingness to seek out and participate with these organizations provide us with socially and enviromentally superior responsible products.

Thank you………Tom.Lockwood.

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