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By: Leadershipmind  09-12-2011

LeadershipMind offers a range of courses—and at the heart of every course we teach is the invitation to awaken to, and tap into, the creative intelligence and leadership potential of every single person at every level of any organization.

Here is a sampling of the courses we offer– all of our courses can be customized to your group’s needs: 

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Leadership mind » Leading in a Culture of Change

This course looks at some of the new and emerging leadership practices that support a leader in creating an environment that inspires people towards the future. What is the relationship between effective leadership in times of change and emotional intelligence. What are the best strategies for communication during times of uncertainty and change. Constant change and uncertainty is the order of the day.


Leadership mind » To tell the truth

If you have ever worked in an organization where toxic relationships were rampant, where gossip went unchecked and conflicts festered without ever getting resolved, then you’ll understand the toll that dysfunctional relationships and team dynamics takes on you personally and on your organization as a whole.


Leadership mind » Coaching

LeadershipMind offers coaching for senior, mid-level and emerging leaders who want to know the secret of being a great leader. Now, more than ever, management skills are not enough—leadership is a state of mind, it is an art, and it can be cultivated. Development Coaching – developing new competencies needed for challenging situations and/or more senior leadership positions.


Leadership mind » The Leader as Coach

This two-day course provides supervisors and managers with a conceptual framework and the practical skills and tools necessary to successfully use the “coach” role in their role as a leader in their organization. It is not only to do with the one on one coaching relationship, but the bigger picture as well, creating an environment in your own team, as well as your organization that supports coaching.


Leadership mind » Services

We honour the wisdom, experience and learning already present in your organization; and we customize all of our services in collaboration with you. LeadershipMind designs its services to help you meet the challenges of your organization and your team.


Leadership mind » Consulting

A range of assessment tools for organizational/team effectiveness, communication styles, leadership styles, conflict designed to help you identify your organization’s strengths and areas for growth. Leadership team sessions to ensure alignment, trust and cohesion at all levels of the organization. 360 feedback processes that increase trust, enhance morale and boost productivity.