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By: Lydia Johnson  09-12-2011
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In this highly competitive and challenging economy the strength of your leaders will sustain or weaken your competitive advantage and can put your company at risk. Why?

Retaining Top Talent
Strong leaders galvanize and inspire Generation X and millennium employees, and build on their strengths; unleashing their unique potential, they motivate and inspire them. They build high performance teams who hold themselves accountable for results and raise their own bar. You do not lose top talent to your competitors; their top talent comes to you.

Executing Continuous Change
60% of change initiatives fail; a key contributing factor is the inability to change employee behaviour. Strong Leaders build teams who understand the business strengths and challenges so they adapt more quickly to change. They are silo busters who create strategic agility, developing employees who are change adaptable and resilient, who can own and sustain change.

Filling the Leadership Gap
In the next 5 to 10 years there will be an exodus of experienced leaders as the baby boomers retire. Companies need a pipeline of talented leaders ready to step up to these leadership roles but many are unprepared. Filling this leadership gap and building a leadership pipeline is a top priority for many businesses today.

…is the most effective way to accelerate leadership development. Companies need outstanding leaders with business smarts and emotional intelligence; leaders who can grow the business, engage employees at all levels and execute business plans.

Through one-on-one coaching Lydia Johnson can grow and accelerate this talent. Using her practical banking and credit union experience, she challenges leaders to think from a strategic, operational, and execution perspective. She stretches leaders to move out of their comfort zone and they experience new levels of performance and team results. Lydia helps leaders quickly see the blind spots impeding their leadership ability and experience new levels of personal power, confidence, and delivery. She provides a safe, non-judgmental environment to bounce ideas around, scenario plan, and test concepts for receptivity and roll out. Leaders explore the behaviours both supporting and detracting from strong team development, create and commit to corrective actions and move forward.

Keywords: credit union

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