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By: Lydia Johnson  09-12-2011
Keywords: Coaching, Sales Training

Retail banking sales training and coaching that does not measurably impact your revenues is just an additional cost you can’t afford. Extraordinary sales training that drives revenue is not just about theory, it’s about passion, and the most powerful sales trainers are those who are amazingly successful sales professionals themselves.

Lydia Johnson’s passion for sales is both inspiring and liberating; her dynamic training motivates even the most sales-wary employees to become sales champions. With 32 years experience as a teller, sales trainer, manager, and executive, she knows how to build and execute sales strategy to increase both your revenue and profit. Working as the VP of Sales and Service for Vancity Credit Union, Lydia increased sales revenue substantially over a short period of time.

As a sales trainer who has been in the trenches she has been instrumental in evolving the sales profession from the traditional sales model, to sales through service and relationship building. She teaches employees to build trust through the sales interaction and win the ultimate prize – customer loyalty. Through workshops and coaching for all levels of retail banking tellers, customer service representatives, lenders, and managers Lydia gives her trainees the straight goods. Her own success and business savvy give her the ability to recognize perceived or real barriers to effective sales and to challenge employees to overcome them.

“It’s not just about pushing product; the magic lives in the ability to anticipate and meet customer needs. That’s the bar I raise.” Lydia will give you the tools to build a powerful sales culture where fiercely proud employees celebrate sales with abandon and customers keep coming back for more.

Keywords: Coaching, Sales Training

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