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By: Hvac Oracle  09-12-2011
Keywords: Compressor

The compressor does not start on smaller fractional horsepower refrigeration units

Not enoungh cooling due to a dirty condenser

Compressor frequent start and stops & cooler too warm.

What basic Maintenace can I do myself

Product is too warm while the compressor and fans are running

Weather you have a small reach-in cooler or a large walk-in cooler a frozen evaporator coil will warm you up in no time, sounds strange but ture

Keywords: Compressor

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A properly maintain air conditioner will use less energy, provide greater cooling and provide 20+ years or service with little or no break downs. This equipment uses compressed refrigerants under high pressure, line voltage and low voltage control systems and mechanical system. Spilt systems using an indoor and outdoor condensing unit have separate power supply.


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When the air inside a commerical building feels stale or stuffy, check the economizer for proper operation. In all commerical building, the supply air fan should run continously when the building is occupied. The miniumum position is set by the adjsutable slider control on the left side. The damper in the economizer should be be set to provied 10% to 20% fresh air. This allows air to be drawn in from the outside through the economizer.


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After you complete payment, you will receive 15 minutes of basic trouble shooting tips to address problems with Heating, Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Plumbing, and control problems. Whether it is residential or commerial repair, guiding maintenance staff or communicating with contractors and engineers, we would like to help.