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By: Outdoorsman  09-12-2011
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Big Game Hunts | Big Game Hunting | Big Game Guides | Big Game Hunting Outfitters

The best guides,

big game hunting outfitters

and lodging combined with your unique chosen style of a trip. This is OUTDOORSMAN.

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There’s nothing quite like big game hunting, is there? It’s something we’re particularly passionate about, and we love sharing our knowledge. Looking to go on a big game hunting trip? We know how important your experience is, so we’ve put a bevy of resources on our site. We’re your one stop shop for big game:

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The pristine outdoors are brought to you by way of our guided trips – feels good to be on vacation, doesn’t it? With OUTDOORSMAN, you have the ability to customize your adventure by type of game and location. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and we’ll tailor big game

hunting trips

based on your wants and needs. It all starts with the outfitter submittal form, which gives us the information we need to create your custom hunting trip. Don’t get bogged down in planning details – leave that to us, we do it every day!

We take pride in the fact that we’re able to offer the ultimate experience in big game hunting. It doesn’t matter what particular type of big game you’re interested in, because we have it all covered, and will give you the hunting trip of a lifetime.

We know that big game hunting comes with big expectations, and we make it our mission to exceed all of them. We’ll take you to some of the most pristine and exotic locations in the world – but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the videos and pictures of past

hunting trips

– they’re posted all over the site. At OUTDOORSMAN, seeing is believing (which is why we still don’t believe our neighbor, who swears he killed a polar bear while armed with nothing but a pocket knife and his will to live). Pics or it didn’t happen!

From coast to coast and beyond, our

hunting guides

, trips and outfitters will make your big game trip the journey of a lifetime. From The Big Five to the prairie dog, our options are unlike anyone else’s. These are just some of our exotic

hunting trips


Alligators in Florida

Black bears in the US and Canada

African safari for the hunt of the Big Five

Moose in Alaska/Yukon

Many, many more!

We take our work seriously here at OUTDOORSMAN. Our job is to organize the best big game experience the world has to offer, and it’s something we love doing. For us, it doesn’t get any better than this, which is why every successful hunt starts and ends with OUTDOORSMAN.

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