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Keywords: Aerial Survey, Aerial Photographs, Aerial Surveys

Trek Aerial Surveys is a Transport Canada Certified Air Carrier providing aerial surveillance and photography services to clients in government and the private sector. Using our Skywagon utility aircraft and high-resolution digital camera equipment we survey, monitor, and document facilities and natural features important to customers operating in Alberta and British Columbia. Trek Aerial Surveys is based out of the City Center Airport in Edmonton, Alberta, as well as the North Peace Regional Airport in Fort St. John, BC. Diverse projects we provide our survey flight services for include Oil & Gas facilities, Mining projects, Forestry areas, Hydro facilities, Environmental and Heritage projects, and potential Hydro and Wind energy projects. We also provide aerial telemetry services for monitoring of wildlife in critical ecological regions. Aerial photographs are a powerful historical addition to any land-based project. They facilitate identification and classification of terrain, land forms, and geographical features. Aerial photos also assist in analyzing development of land and man-made features. Images we provide to customers include security authentication and a GPS position stamp with date & time data. The quality of the images we provide are stunningly clear. We currently provide aerial survey and photographic services for monitoring and documentation of:
  • Oil & Gas facilities including pipelines
  • Forestry logged areas, reforestation sites, herbicide-application sites, pest infestation areas, burn areas, and forest fires.
  • Mining facilities
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Remediation projects
  • Surveyor & Land company surveys
  • Equipment & Asset tracking in the field
  • Right-of-Way encroachments and investigations
  • Hydro/Power line inspections for Third-party and Vegetation encroachment
  • Asset Management inspection for Utilities & Railways
  • Accident Investigations
  • Trespass detection
  • Law Enforcement Agency surveillance projects
  • Real Estate sales & appraisals
  • Agricultural lands
  • First Nations land sites
  • Heritage projects
  • Research and Academic projects
  • Wildlife tracking including aerial telemetry
  • Ecologically sensitive/protected Areas, and Government Parks


Trek Aerial Surveys is licenced by the Canadian Transportation Agency. Therefore, we perform General Charter services, including:
  • Sightseeing tours of:
    • the Peace River
    • WAC Bennett Dam
    • Monkman and Christina Falls
    • Northern Rockies scenic spots like the Muskwa-Kechika area and Redfern Lake
  • Fly-in/fly-out services for hunters and sport fishermen in the Northern Rockies in both British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Hotshot and personnel/crew-change flights for Industry to destinations across British Columbia and Alberta.

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Keywords: Aerial Photographs, Aerial Survey, Aerial Surveys