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By: Soap City Cleaning  09-12-2011
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Rag Recycling:

Dirty jobs usually require rags. Whether it’s cleaning up oil or wiping your hands off from a hard days work, rags seem to be a part of our work routine. Typically, companies purchase rags in small cartons or barrels and as they use the rags they get discarded in the garbage bin and ultimately a landfill. Soap City Cleaning is committed to reusing and recycling these rags to avoid them from having to be thrown in the landfill with only one use. Our Rag Exchange Program provides you with one clean barrel of rags and one empty barrel to put the used rags into. Each week, or depending on your usage, we will pick-up the used rags and drop off a clean barrel. The used rags come back to our facility for a thorough cleaning; they are packaged in barrels and are ready for another use.

  • Pick up and delivery of clean rags to your business on a weekly or bi- weekly schedule
  • Choose between standard rags from recycled clothing or premium white wipes
  • Barrels are available in 45 gallon or 25 gallon drums

Coverall Laundering:

Whether you’re a one man show or a plant dealing with grease and grime on a daily basis, Soap City Cleaning can accommodate you large or small. Our facility is able to launder all your coverall needs and because we are a local company, we can have them back to you in 1-2 days. We offer a full laundering service for your coveralls and keep you or your crew looking their best. Located in Fort St John, your coverall laundering service can be designed around when you want us to pick-up and drop off, not when the next truck comes to town. More frequent pick-ups and delivery means less coveralls you need to have in circulation. Let Soap City Cleaning worry about the grease and grime and you concentrate on the task at hand.

  • Locked outside bins for those late night, early morning pick-ups and drop offs
  • A hang to dry option to keep those coveralls the perfect fit.
  • Glove replacement program option to make sure you have the right amount of gloves to get the job done.
  • Same day turn around service (dropped off before 11 AM) on special requests such as plant turn-arounds.
  • Free pick-up and delivery to your facility
  • Patching and zipper repairs

Laundering Services:

  • Coveralls
  • Shop Coats
  • Gloves
  • Rubber Jackets/Pants
  • Insulated Coveralls

Mat Rentals/Cleaning:

Dust, grime and dirt gets tracked into your facility through your entrance everyday, damaging your floors and carpets. Combat the dreaded filth with mats that scrub the soles of patrons and workers, leaving dirt and dust on in the mats and not all over facility. Your entrance mats are the first line of defense to dirt and dust control in your facility. Our mats our specifically designed with wiping properties to effectively trap water, sand and dirt and ultimately prolonging the life of your carpets and floors. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, Soap City Cleaning can accommodate many floor plans and color schemes.

  • Pick up and delivery of mats to your business on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule
  • Mats are replaced as they get faded and worn from use. Making sure your mats look their best all the time
  • Mats have a built-in static dissipative feature to provide permanent protection against harmful static electricity
  • Protecting floors and carpet means less floor cleaning, stripping, waxing and carpet replacement

Keywords: Barrels, coveralls, Laundering Service, Mats, Rags

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