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By: Rising Sun Mediation  09-12-2011
Keywords: mediation, Structured Process

Neutral Mediation is the most popular form of issue resolution.

    A confidential process in which a neutral person, the mediator, assists divided parties to clarify issues, provide concise portrayal, develop options, and work toward a mutually agreeable resolutions. 

Many remarkable results are being achieved saving critical time, considerable expense, and valuable relationships.  

How individuals and organizations choose to deal with resolving issues will determine their effectiveness, and future well being.  

Research & Recommendations are made in a Totally Unbiased,
Neutral and Amiable Manner

Rising Sun Mediation provides a structured process for assisting participants in reaching a consensus, assisting divided parties to clarify issues, develop options and work towards a mutually agreeable resolution.  Since the participants make the decisions, they are generally committed to and invest in the outcome.  

Mediation is an intelligent means to a just solution.  Resolving issues is rarely about who is right or wrong; nor is it about winning or losing.  It is about listening, learning, accepting and cooperating.  It requires acknowledgement and accommodation of differences.  

Keywords: mediation, Structured Process