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By: Red-l Distributors Ft St-john  09-12-2011
Keywords: Plumbing, Valves, Hydraulics

Red L Distributors Ltd. fabricates BOP hose assemblies, Rotary hose assemblies, Flexible metal hose assemblies, Composite hose assemblies, Hydraulic and Industrial hose assemblies, and Ultra High Pressure hose assemblies to 40,000 psi working pressures. Red L’s test bay technicians will perform pressure testing, custom tagging, certification or recertification and repairs on your new and used assemblies.

On-site technicians will perform pressure testing, hose surveys, hose inspection and repairs, crimper inspection, crimper calibration and maintenance, hard pipe & tube installations, plumbing of all hydraulic hose, pumps, valves and components, air line installations and repairs to titefill unloading adapters.Red L is an approved Alemite Service Center and Spir Star’s exclusive authorized distributor for western Canada. Red L’s on-site technicians are available 24 hours every day to service any location in Alberta.

Red-L Hydraulics Ltd.

Mobile/on-site hose replacement & hydraulic plumbing. Customers will receive exemplary service in plumbing of all hydraulic hose, pumps, valves and components ~ for mobile or stationary units on-site. Rej Labelle’s hydraulic system’s expertise includes extensive experience in the Forestry, Agriculture, Industrial, Oilfield & Heavy Equipment hydraulic applications.
Rej Labelle ~ Managing Partner.
Red-L Hydraulics Ltd.
9809 - 47th Ave. Edmonton, AB. Canada. T6E 5M7
P: (780) 431-8645
C: (780) 995-1297

RED-L provides the best hydraulic products and excellent service in:
  • Plumbing of all hydraulic hoses, pumps, valves & components for mobile or stationary units on site ~ Tubing 37º flare 3/8" to 1".
  • 24 Hour mobile/on-site hydraulic services for hose replacements, hydraulic plumbing and on site plumbing trouble shooting.
  • Hydraulic repairs to pumps, motors, valves & cylinders.
  • Filtration.

Safety equipment carried in all of our mobile hydraulic units:

  • First Aid Kit, Fire extinguisher & Back up alarms.

Personal protection our employees will be wearing on site:

  • Nomex coveralls
  • Hard hat
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Steel toe boots.

RYCO Hydraulics has manufactured hoses & fittings since 1946. RYCO’s Quality & Performance are the company's highest objectives. All RYCO products are built technologically advanced which ensures their reliability & safety performance. RYCO’s R&D centers use the most thorough tests when manufacturing their products.


  • You will achieve greater impulse life from your assemblies.
  • Assemblies will operate at higher working pressures.
  • Hose assemblies will last longer.
  • Reducing downtime will save you money.

Keywords: Hose Assemblies, Hydraulics, Plumbing, Valves

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