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Not all Pet Foods are Created Equal

At Friendly Pets we care about the quality of pet food
we sell. Your dogs behaviour, happiness, health,
longevity and overall well-being are inextricably
intertwined with what you feed him. That's why
we offer a full line of nutritionally healthy pet foods
of only the highest standards.

Friendly Pets carries the following quality pet food lines:
Create your Own Tranquility and Harmony

Compared to other pets, aquariums need very little in the way of daily attention. This popular hobby has a number of benefits tagged with it. These benefits go way beyond aesthetic appeal. For one, it brings in water, one of the five elements of earth and creates tranquility and harmony by generating positive energy. Next it has a cooling and soothing effect. And third, it works great in
de-stressing lives of both young and the old. The gentle, graceful movement of fish rinses the tension and stress. You may consider watching your aquarium more than TV.

At Friendly Pets we have everything you need to get your aquarium started.
We recommend:

Create the Perfect Environment for your Small Pet

Caring for your pet should be a shared family responsibility. Teamwork is the best pet care strategy. Don't neglect your new pet after the initial excitement wears off. Your pet needs attention and exercise outside its cage daily. When it comes to food or treats, because small animals love to eat well, they will only select the finest and healthiest ingredients.

Friendly Pets has all the supplies and nutritional food you will need to keep your small pet happy and healthy. We recommend:

Everything you Need for your New Feathered Friend

As a potential new pet bird owner, you should choose a bird that will best suit your lifestyle. Friendly Pets has a wide variety of birds to choose from. Consult with us first to find out which species will best fit your lifestyle. Birds are finicky eaters, often selecting only one or two favourite seed types out of a seed mix. Vitamin and Mineral Enriched Seeds (VME) not only offer a variety of fresh seeds, they also provide favorite seed kernels (hulled seeds) that are coated with important VME nutrients. As birds consume these familiar morsels, they
receive enough vitamins and minerals for maintenance.

Friendly Pets recommends the following products for your pet bird:

Create the Perfect Environment for your Reptile

Know your reptile pet's natural environment and diet. Ask the knowledgeable staff at Friendly Pets to inform you more about the natural history of the species you are about to purchase. We can help you create a captive environment that is not only beautiful, but easy to clean. We stock everything you need to create the best possible environment for your new pet including live or frozen rodents, crickets, worms and feeder fish. 

Friendly Pets recommends the following products:
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Keywords: aquarium

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