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By: Dfassociates  09-12-2011
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Profesional Services

We work closely with the client to provide all necessary consulting services to obtain pertinent municipal approvals as well as complete construction documents. Under the direction of the Architect, we coordinate our work with all other consultants, including Landscape, Structural, Mechanical, Civil and Code.DF & Associates Consulting Ltd. provides field review services to clarify the content of the construction documents and responds to on-site issues. Sufficient field review services to support Letters of Assurance acceptable to relevant Municipality are also provided.

- Schematic Design: review and summarize all applicable zoning and development regulations and guidelines, building codes and bylaws, fire safety regulations and any other authorities having jurisdiction; contact all applicable utilities such as Hydro, Telephone, and Cable TV

- Design Development: develop design and co-ordinate with, Architect, Owner/Developer other Consultants; advise of room sizes, locations and cost saving measures: participate in joint meetings.- Construction Documents: prepare drawings and specifications suitable for building permit application; prepare complete working drawings and specifications for tendering the Project, generally in accordance with the Client’s requirements and direction; provide “for construction” drawings including the incorporation of building permit and tendering feedback.
o Field Reviews: provide field review services as required to clarify the content of construction documents; respond to on-site issues and prepare letters of assurance; review shop drawings as required.

Keywords: Drawings