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By: Service Bc  09-12-2011

The Corporate Registry allows business and society name searches,
company name searches, registrations, partnership/ proprietorship searches. The Corporate Registry provides the legal framework and files documents for the incorporation, registration, maintenance and dissolution of companies, societies and co-operatives active in British Columbia.

Registration of Proprietorships/ Partnerships can be done online at .

Forms to register a society or a partnership/proprietorship are available from your local Service BC Centre.  Various Service BC Centres stock Self-Counsel Press forms to register a limited or incorporated company. If, however, your local office does not sell Self-Counsel Press Publications, you will be able to obtain these forms from a stationary store. 

Service BC Centres can assist in the Reservation of the Business Names for Societies, Co-Operatives, Partnerships/Proprietorships, BC Corporations and Extraprovincial Companies and usually take two working days to finalize the transaction.

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E-L - Service Description

Logging Tax paid is usually deductible as a credit, from federal and provincial income taxes, if claimed within 3 years of filing the income tax return. A person who sells logs, standing timber, cutting rights, or who acquires logs for manufacture, in British Columbia, may be subject to logging tax. A tax of 10 % is applied to the annual net income attributable to those transactions.