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By: Electricvinyl  09-12-2011
Keywords: home decor

Electric Vinyl Inc. develops and distributes a family of unique and innovative products for the advertising industry, home decor and digital fine arts community.

The potential markets and applications for Per’f-Alite Electric Vinyl and derivitive products are countless. With features and benefits heretofore unavailable, new applications and third-party products are now most certainly possible to develop.

Even existing products and systems using conventional lighting can be significantly enhanced by substituting Per’f-Alite to make them less expensive, less space consuming, less fragile, less costly to operate and maintain, more portable, more visible and longer lasting.

Keywords: home decor

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ElectricVinyl - Electric Vinyl light - com perfalite

Matching Inverters are quieter using ElectricVinyl newly developed chip technology instead of traditional magnetic resonance inverters, which were typically larger and noisier. There isn?t a dark nonilluminated line down the centre of our sheets, because we don?t use split electrode technology in our sheet construction.


ElectricVinyl - Electric Vinyl light - made in canada

Don?t be fooled by fancy names for the same technology sold by others here in North America. We use only Top Quality ingredients, and enough of it per layer for the sheet to last. Electric Vinyl is the Original Better Quality Canadian Made Product. Brightest and Longest Lasting light panels in the World today.


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Mobile Advertising targets a huge audience making up a wide spectrum of the population who might otherwise never hear of you or your company's products. Suitable for viewing during the day as well, these special Retro-Reflective Vinyls have an especially wide arc of reflectivity when light hits them. Our Retro-Reflective Vinyls present a whole new way to get your message across in a blaze of reflective luminescents with photo realistic impact.