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By: Electricvinyl  09-12-2011

Electric Vinyl is the Original Better Quality Canadian Made Product!

What is so special about Our Electric Vinyl?

  • 1. Our light panels are Made in Canada…NOT China!
  • 2. Don’t be fooled by fancy names for the same technology sold by others here in North America. Our Electric Vinyl panels use Electroluminescent Technology, so do all the others.
  • 3. We make the Largest, Brightest and Longest Lasting light panels in the World today! Others have tried to reverse engineer our Trade secrets without success, and have attempted to claim our innovation as if it were their own audaciously and undeservingly taking the credit with the media using cleverly prepared Press Releases.
  • 4. We have been building EL light panels for well over 10 years, others have been doing it for only a couple of years, and it’s going to take them a lot longer than that to get it right, as it did us.
  • 5. We use only Top Quality ingredients, and enough of it per layer for the sheet to last! For example, we use an all silver back electrode layer, not some carbon mixture with 64X less conductivity that will burn-out the phosphors well before their time caused by excess inverter energy required to be pumped into the sheet just to get the phosphors to activate/light through their inefficient composition. Is Electric Vinyl more expense to build? Yes, substantially more, but we don’t compromise. We lay down thicker layers of all ingredients and further use only the highest grade ITO (Indium tin oxide). Accept No Substitutes!
  • 6. Our light panels are priced more competitively because we don’t employee middlemen/distributors. You’ll deal directly with the Inventor/Manufacturer located in Canada. And we will build your panel’s custom-to-suit without the expensive set-up and tooling charges of others.
  • 7. Call Us First, and then compare quality, lamp life, brightness and price. You’ll be glad you did!

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With features and benefits heretofore unavailable, new applications and third-party products are now most certainly possible to develop. The potential markets and applications for Per?f-Alite Electric Vinyl and derivitive products are countless.


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Matching Inverters are quieter using ElectricVinyl newly developed chip technology instead of traditional magnetic resonance inverters, which were typically larger and noisier. There isn?t a dark nonilluminated line down the centre of our sheets, because we don?t use split electrode technology in our sheet construction.


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Mobile Advertising targets a huge audience making up a wide spectrum of the population who might otherwise never hear of you or your company's products. Suitable for viewing during the day as well, these special Retro-Reflective Vinyls have an especially wide arc of reflectivity when light hits them. Our Retro-Reflective Vinyls present a whole new way to get your message across in a blaze of reflective luminescents with photo realistic impact.