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By: Electricvinyl  09-12-2011

The widest, brightest Mega-Size electro-luminescent sheet in the World! In fact the only mega-size sheet suitable for transparency overlays. There isn’t a dark nonilluminated line down the centre of our sheets, because we don’t use split electrode technology in our sheet construction. Just pure white light, edge-to-edge.end-to-end!

When your projects demand the best digital output displays! Accept no substitutes.

Anywhere where security is important because you can‘t hide anything in our light boxes (ie; Government installations)

ElectricVinyl is now shipping the widest and brightest electroluminescent sheets ever made. Because of a new composition and vastly superior components, they are able to deliver up to 550 lux of brightness as compared to the earlier products limited to 375 lux. Per’f-Alite now evenly illuminates over sheet sizes up to 48” X 72” (24 sq/ft) as shown in the photo poster (top right). The photo shows a 48" X 72" Per’f-Alite sheet designed for opaque surface placement (ie: walls) combined with a full color removable graphic overlay using LITE-tac removable back-lit film.

Unsightly pillars become attractive and interesting when Per‘f- Alite electric vinyl is used.

Now priced competitively as an alternative to fluorescent backlighting fixtures, Per’f-Alite overcomes the traditional bulkiness and maintenance problems of burnt out bulbs and ballasts. Per’f-Alite has better homogenous light scattering without hot or cold spots and offers superior illuminated viewing angles. There is no “dark line” down the middle of the sheet as seen on some EL products because the Company developed a better alternative to the older split electrode sheet composition. This innovation makes Per’f-Alite Electric Vinyl the most suitable illuminated sheet for displaying photographic transparency overlays.

Per’f-Alite is perfect for backlighting 3-D lenticular displays, floor graphics, illuminated pillar advertising, light weight countertop displays or anywhere space is at a premium and a high-tech look is preferred. “Per’f-Alite has better homogenous light scattering without hot or cold spots and superior illuminated viewing angles..”

Matching Inverters are quieter using ElectricVinyl newly developed chip technology instead of traditional magnetic resonance inverters, which were typically larger and noisier. Common sheet sizes are 18” X 24”, 24” X 36”, 24” X 48”, 36” X 48”, 36” X 72” and 48” X 72”, and are offered pre-wired for plug-in convenience.

ElectricVinyl also offers a translucent white removable imaging media known as LITE-tac normally used as an overlay for easy creative changes and a very inexpensive yet attractive snap together framing system for counter, wall or window display mounting.

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With features and benefits heretofore unavailable, new applications and third-party products are now most certainly possible to develop. The potential markets and applications for Per?f-Alite Electric Vinyl and derivitive products are countless.


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Don?t be fooled by fancy names for the same technology sold by others here in North America. We use only Top Quality ingredients, and enough of it per layer for the sheet to last. Electric Vinyl is the Original Better Quality Canadian Made Product. Brightest and Longest Lasting light panels in the World today.


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Mobile Advertising targets a huge audience making up a wide spectrum of the population who might otherwise never hear of you or your company's products. Suitable for viewing during the day as well, these special Retro-Reflective Vinyls have an especially wide arc of reflectivity when light hits them. Our Retro-Reflective Vinyls present a whole new way to get your message across in a blaze of reflective luminescents with photo realistic impact.