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By: Francesca Shiatsu and CranioSacral Therapy  20-03-2015
Keywords: back pain, Pain Relief, neck pain

When I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009 I thought that life, as I knew it was over. Then I began seeing Francesca for treatments and in a just a few weeks my flexibility was improved, I had more energy and my overall pain was diminished. As the treatments continued I also began to feel more relaxed and optimistic. I am enjoying life again! Brenda H. Francesca has helped me immensely with a variety of injuries and health issues. Most recently, I was suffering from vertigo, and after just one craniosacral treatment, felt able to return to work. It's been more than six months and I haven't had a recurrence, but if I ever do, my first call will be to her! Jennifer P. I was recovering from a severe back injury and was only able to work three days a week on-call. When I started going to regular appointments with Francesca my recovery accelerated so quickly that I was able to return to permanent, full-time work. Francesca has a rare combination of excellent technical skill and education, with a profoundly intuitive approach. She makes a safe and comfortable space for healing. Anika Stafford I have suffered from asthma and allergies my entire life. Later in life I discovered that acupuncture would reduce my suffering by 70 percent. The last 2 years with your treatments have been a miracle. I am 48 years old and never imagined I could live life without suffering. Your time invested in me has reduced my suffering by 95 percent without acupuncture! Seriously I spent the first 46 years believing that I will suffer my entire life and now the rules have changed. 2 years of bliss, I want more. Thank you for loving what you do. I am blessed by your time! Michael Corrado

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