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By: H.h. Hawkins  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, Plumbing Fixtures, Light Switch

Fully Accessible « HHHawkins


Fully Accessible Fume Hood

The Fully Accessible Fume Hood has the general performance characteristics as the Balanced Air hood
with the addition that all services are located at an accessible height for wheel chair operators. A
stainless steel spill trough is located under the front portion of the hood to prevent any chemical

Designed to be fixed to a 281/2” x 11/4” thick counter top.

  • Generous 261/2” interior depth
  • Maintaining comfortable 643/4” view height for non ADA use
  • Ergonomically adapted for ADA requirements
  • Vertical rising sash
  • Stainless steel spill trough under the air foil
  • Aerodynamic air foil with electrical cord access
  • Factory set interior baffles
  • Fluorescent lamp, light switch and one duplex electrical outlet 120V/15A with internal wiring to a junction box
  • Front corner posts & interior side panels pre-punched to accept up to 10 plumbing fixtures
  • Removable and easily replaceable interior access panel in each side wall for plumbing access
  • Removable exterior side panels
  • Choice of liner as per Fume hood Specification Sheet

Keywords: Corner Posts, Duplex Electrical, Electrical Cord, Fume Hood, Junction Box, Light Switch, Plumbing Fixtures, Side Panels, Stainless Steel,

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The fume chamber and integralwork surface consist of a welded seamless construction with all coved corners. The design of the radio-isotope fume hood provides a safe environment for working with Isotoperadiation. Stainless steel type 304 interior lining and counter top with coved seamless welds. Removable exterior side panels (no access panel inside the hood. Designed to be fixed directly to the base cabinets.


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The interior cavity also has an integral full width drain trough to facilitate therecommended frequent and thorough wash-downs. It is also recommended that the ductwork be made of a relativelyinert material such as stainless steel. Designed to be fixed directly to the base cabinets. Aerodynamic air foil with electrical cord access.


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When the sash islowered, air is fed through the louvered top section as well as through the aerodynamic airfoil located underthe sash creating a sweeping air movement at the work surface to reduce dead-air pockets and airturbulence at the work surface front. With conventional hoods, face velocity becomes excessive when the sash isat a lower position, disturbing the work being conducted inside the hood.


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The Variable Air Volume fume hood combined with an HVAC control system is designed to vary the hood’sexhaust rate to maintain a constant average face velocity throughout the sash travel. Front corner posts & interior side panels pre-punched to accept up to 10 plumbing fixtures. Upper and lower by passes with interior adjustable top front cover. Aerodynamic air foil with electrical cord access.


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This result in reduced operating costs in addition to lower first costs.With the Vanguard Fume Hood there is no need to work with restricted sash openings to reduce the amount of exhaust air, its performance numbers are achieved with a full open sash. Generous 26 1/2” interior working depth while maintaining an overall 32 3/4” exterior dimension. Interior lining components are available in non-metallic or stainless steel finishes.


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The Vanguard Fume Hoods offer a combination of high performance, containment safety, energy efficiency and space utilization which will perfectly adapt to the realities of all modern laboratory environments. Choose from a complete line of floor mounted case Work, castered cabinets or under-counter suspended cabinets designed to work with all of ourAdaptable Furniture Systems.


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Ideally suited to labs with limited HVAC capacity, the Auxiliary Air Fume Hood controls air velocity in muchthe same way as the Balanced Air Hood. This auxiliary air is introduced outside the fumehood above the sash and enters the hood through the face with the sash open. In addition the Auxiliary Air Hood features an upper front intakeplenum to reduce the consumption of conditioned room air.