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By: Digi Cool  09-12-2011
Keywords: Refrigeration, Refrigeration System, Refrigeration System Analyzer

Please comment on the new TV-1140 Temperature Sensors.

“The Digi-Cool Refrigeration System Analyzer is a great product for assisting in the commissioning, servicing and trouble shooting of various refrigeration and air conditioning applications. There is no question in my mind that this is a very comprehensive, sturdy and practical tool.

“… I found this product a true benefit in commissioning new modern high technology systems… The repeatability, accuracy, dependability and durability of this product make it a necessity with to-day’s technology.”

Garth Denison, Senior Product Application Engineer
Sporlan Valve Company

“Finally, a set of sophisticated yet durable digital refrigeration gauges worthy of today’s demanding refrigeration professionals.”
Jim Boyles, Senior Field Technical Consultant
WaterFurnace International

“When servicing or troubleshooting, the analyzer becomes more valuable in determining any problem without pulling out the PT… doing calculations and so forth. It’s mostly all there on the display.”

Dan Whitten, 23-year AC/R Technician
Rosetown Central Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Keywords: Refrigeration, Refrigeration Gauges, Refrigeration System, Refrigeration System Analyzer, System Analyzer,

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