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By: Digi Cool  09-12-2011
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Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer.

Powerful refrigeration gauges for service manifolds, the Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer (DRSA) is revolutionary diagnostic tool for AC/R technicians.

You can upgrade your DRSA 1200 to a DRSA1250. This gives you the Backlight


You can choose these accessories to equip your DRSA 1200

Benefits & Advantages

The entire service organization stands to benefit from using the Digi-Cool DRSA:

  • Quicker, more accurate diagnostics: easily spot hidden problem using sub-psi pressure dynamics
  • Simplify cumbersome procedures: convenience, better visibility and less frustration improves productivity and employee morale. Staff see appropriate tools and training as tokens of faith and respect from management.
  • Fewer unnecessary or inappropriate repairs: reduce costs on current maintenance contracts, allow you to bid more aggressively for new contracts.
  • Rapid payback: Allows you to save 10 – 15 minutes or more at many jobs. Soon the analyzer is paid for and making money for you!

How It Works A set of manifold pressure gauges, it replaces the traditional analog gauges on your favorite service manifold. It shows:

  • Pressure readings for the low and high sides
  • Pressure fluctuations down to 1/4 psi
  • Bubble and dew (or saturation) temperatures for up to 23 selectable refrigerants.

The patented bar graph display shows the smallest modulations about the digital reading. This allows unprecedented diagnostic power, as dynamics of valve modulation and refrigerant flow are easily visible to the technician.

  • Bar graph: segments show changes from digital reading
    • Range: 2 psi low-side, 8 psi high-side
    • In example above, low-side has dropped 2 psi to 63.9 psig since update, high-side has dropped 3 psi to 170 psig since update
  • Resolution: 0.1 psi low-side, 1 psi high-side
  • Temperatures: corresponding bubble and dew points for current pressures
  • Refrigerant: Current selection on bottom left
    • Selectable ASHRAE / trade number mode (eg. “R-410B” vs “66 for MP66)
  • R- selects active refrigerant
  • ZERO automatically calibrates to current atmospheric pressure
  • ENG / SI changes between English (PSI, “Hg, °F) and SI (kPa, °C) units
  • GA / ABS changes between PSIA and PSIG for English units
  • 1SEC / 5SEC / HOLD changes the rate digits are updated
  • LCD / changes contrast to fit lighting conditions

How it Works

Video Clip: Operation and Installation

Animated Demonstrations

Standard Pulldown

This simulation shows a standard pulldown in an R-22 system. The digital reading is set to update once per second, so you can track the pressure when it changes rapidly. Notice how the bar graph clears to zero when the digits change. You can see that the overall trend is downwards in this pulldown sequence.

Hunting TEV

This demo shows a R410A system operating with a poorly performing TEV. The digital reading is set to update every 5 seconds, and each bar graph shows the change from that reading. If there is a decrease, segments accumulate on the left; increases grow to the right. Each segment on the low side represents 1/4 psi of change on the low side, and 1psi on the high side. Notice how the bar graph clears to zero when the digit changes.

The system is fluctuating about 2 psi on the low side. The expansion valve is hunting and tracking poorly. With conventional dial gauges, this behavior would only show as a small movement of the needle, difficult to see unless the needle is closely watched. The large display of the analyzer allows you to quickly spot and diagnose the problem.

Refrigerant Floodback

This demo shows refrigerant floodback. As the liquid floods through the suction line into the compressor, the bar graph fluctuates sharply as the liquid flashes off in the compressor. While large amounts of liquid floodback can be seen with regular gauges, they do not show smaller amounts that also damage compressors; the DRSA shows you the smallest pulses.

Pump Down

This demo shows standard system pump down, as the user gets ready to open the system for service. Note that even with the rapid decline of pressure, we can follow the pressure down and shut it down just before reaching 0psi. ‘62 is the trade name shown for HP62 (R-404A). The user can select whether refrigerants are shown by their trade names or ASHRAE designations.

High Side Liquid Locked

This demo shows a hydraulically locked high side. Note the rapid increase in pressure. There is no more room for vapor condensation in the condenser.

The pressure bar graph is patented by Digi-Cool Industries Ltd. and is unique to our products. It shows all the pressure fluctuations never seen before, for quick and accurate diagnostics.

Models & Features
  • Sleek, compact design
  • “Dynamic Offset” bar graph clearly shows modulation of control valves
  • Adjustable digital readout update rate: 1 second, 5 second or hold digits.
  • One-touch atmospheric pressure calibration.
  • Vacuum readings in “Hg
  • Easy to read LCD screen with large 3/8″ digits.
  • Temperature probe for automatic superheat and subcooling readings
  • Max / min pressure monitoring for control set-up
  • Automatic power off after 15 minutes preserves battery life; low battery indicator.
  • Upgradeable for new and additional refrigerants
  • Water resistant and wide temperature range for indoor & outdoor use
  • Tough construction with flexible protective boot
  • Durable construction and tough case tolerates drops and impacts
  • Includes profiles for 25 common refrigerants within:
R-12 R-22 R-134A R-290 R-422d
R-401A (39) R-401B (66) R-402A (80) R-402B (81)
R-404A (62) R-406A R-407C (9000) R-408A (10)
R-409A (56) R-410A (20) R-414B R-416A
R-417A R-420A R-422A R-502
R-507 (50) R-508B R-600A R-422b

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