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By: Yard At A Time  09-12-2011
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Using Concrete

Concrete Is

Cost effective: Concrete lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other paving materials, which results in lower lifecycle costs.
Energy efficient: Buildings and homes with concrete walls use less energy to heat and
Sustainable: The making of cement, the key ingredient of concrete, uses many materials recycled from other industries that would otherwise be wasted
Ready-mixed concrete delivered from a minimum of 1/2 yard to whatever yardage is required; we pride ourselves on our service, quality product and competitive "small yardage" pricing. Our fleet of small, customized ready-mix trucks are able to deliver small yardage in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We offer ready-mix concrete mixes for all applications-sidewalks, footings, walls, curbs, patios, hot tub slabs, driveways and lots more:

  • High quality ready-mix concrete. We do not use fly-ash in our mixes, only type 10 cement powder.
  • Standard ready-mix concrete from 20 mpa to 40 mpa and depending on your application-skim coat to driveways where rock size does matter
  • Sand mixes
  • Birds-eye (5-8 mm),
  • Torpedo (1/2" or 10-15 mm)
  • Standard rock (20 mm)
  • Specialized mixes such as exposed aggregate and stamp mix. We offer two sizes of rock in our exposed aggregate, birds-eye (5-8 mm) or torpedo (10-15 mm).
  • Stamp mix: a popular and decorative alternative to regular concrete. Colour can be added to enhance the look. From the look of brick, shale, to many other unique appearances, this might be something you want to consider.
With our fleet of small ready-mix trucks, we are able to access small driveways, back alleys and restricted areas where the larger standard-sized ready-mix trucks may be unable to go. Please see below our specifications of our fleet. By clicking on the stars, you can view the specifications of the different areas of the truck.
  • Single-Axle Trucks (Small) - capacity of 3 ¾ cubic yards (3 meters)
  • Dual-axle Trucks (Larger) - capacity up to 6 yards (4.8 meters)

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Top Block

A retaining wall system for residential and commercial uses.

A regular block weighs approximately 650 pounds.
Standard Block size: 3' X 1' X 1.5'

Possible uses

Retaining walls, Bins for sand and gravel, Well head protectors
Comes on pallet of 6 - approximately 4000 lbs. Pick up and delivery available upon request through an independent contractor.

Comes in two styles

Available in

  • Top Blocks
  • Angle Blocks
  • Half Blocks
  • Triple Blocks (1.5' longer and available in smooth only)

  • Engineering information for 4 foot walls and higher available upon request.
  • All construction should be professionally engineered.

Installation Recommendation:

  • Prepare entire base before placing blocks so that surface is level and compact. Wall can only be as straight and level as the base on which it is placed
  • When placing blocks, be aware of finished side. In production, there is one side that is finished with a smooth texture.
  • It is strongly recommended that appropriate hoisting equipment be used. When using eye hooks, ensure it is fully inserted into the lifting insert.
  • All construction should be professionally engineered.

Placing, finishing and pump service

These services are available by our network of quality independent contractors and all prices are based on their quote. We would be pleased to provide you with their name and contact based on your requirements. Pumping services are recommended for jobs that have limited access and where down time of the delivery of ready-mix concrete would be excessive. Finishing of specialized concrete is also recommended, especially for those that have limited knowledge and experience. Other Services Offered (as independents):
  • concrete accessories including colour purchase, sealing products, etc.
  • delivery of aggregate
  • bins & disposal of concrete

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