Green Service | Tonmar Janitorial Ltd

By: Tonmar Janitorial  09-12-2011

Green Service | Tonmar Janitorial Ltd.

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Tonmar can provide an entire suite of environmentally friendly services supported with the most advanced products available.
“Green Services Programs are custom designed to meet your specific requirements … you choose the level of green that works best for your organization”

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Services | Tonmar Janitorial Ltd

Daily cleaning and sanitation- Sanitizing specialized areas such as kitchens, lunchrooms, washrooms, etc.- Floor maintenance- Window cleaning- Pressure washing. Tonmar provides a complete range of commercial cleaning services including interior as well exterior cleaning.


Supervision | Tonmar Janitorial Ltd

A Customer Service Manager will be meeting with you regularly to thoroughly inspect your premises and will be visiting cleaners at a minimum of once a month to assess the site supervisor’s performance and the entire crew’s overall service quality.


Supplies | Tonmar Janitorial Ltd

We would be happy to analyze your existing product base and develop a competitive proposal based on your individual needs.. For a complete supply list with current prices, or to order supplies, please call our toll-free number at 1.855.523.9500. Tonmar Janitorial provides a wide range of commercial cleaning supplies and paper products. Complimentary Consultation!Call Us Toll Free 1.855.523.9500.