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By: The Portside Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Information Technology, Human Resources

Logistics Operations

We build integrated operating systems customized to your requirements.

We audit existing systems and recommend improvements if required.


We provide:

  • Audits: A comprehensive review of a client's existing situation with respect to protocols in force with external agencies for both routine and emergency matters. We examine client procedures governing the actions of designated security as well as operations and administrative personnel to ensure that their actions under indentified circumstances meet the client objectives in minimizing riska, damage and liability
  • System development: Where an audit or client assignment determines a requirement, we produce corrected or initial drafts of protocols and their attendant procedures for client and agency approval. Where appropriate, we, through our information technology division, develop, or recommend adoption of existing, systems for data verification, scanning and intrusion detection. 
  • Staff Training: Our Educational Services develops instructional material to train both existing and new staff members in the application of existing or newly developed protocols and procedures. In addition where required, we set up and run simulations and training exercises to regularly practice staff in their roles.

Information Technology

Information Technology is the principal support mechanism for communications, shipment direction, security and administration within the transportation industry. As the means of shipment grow larger, the need for information by both consignees and regulators grows greater and shipment processes involve breaking of container loads for onward transmission, the consequences of inadequate information processing grow steadily more severe.

Our development approach includes both the production of project specific software, the recommendation of existing software that can be used or adapted to the client’s purposes, the specification of appropriate hardware and the production of testing routines which will ensure the successful performance of the project to a level beyond it specified performance.

In addition, we produce user manuals and training material to support the initiation of both new and existing staff into the use of the system provided.

Human Resources

Personnel issues including:

Examinations and reexaminations of requirements, Job Descriptions, Wage and Benefit analysis.

Training Services Including:

We provide training for any project which we have recommended for implementation. Our methods include:

  • Targeted instruction and training, both group & one on one.
  • Small seminar type presentations
  • Self paced individual training manuals
  • Web-based techniques including podcasts and material overlaid on client websites.

Public Service

Public information: In particular cases, particularly those related to a security or crisis situation, a client will need to make public presentations or respond to an unfolding situation.  We can provide a public affairs handbook for the use of executive or senior operational staff to when the occasion requires. In cases a contact public spokesperson may be needed and we can assist providing this facility.

Corporate representation: In cases where public hearings are underway and / or where a public process may have an impact on a client’s business, we will provide contract representation to attend meetings or to contact the managers of the process to ensure that client concerns are communicated.

Administrative Systems

Systems reviews and implementation.

Financial administration including auto payment options, staff and contractor payment systems.

Public and Community Relations

In cases involving a security or crises situation, public presentations must be made to respond to an unfolding situation. We develop public affairs handbooks for use by designated spokespersons whenever needed. In cases where a contract puplic spokesperson may be needed, we will provide one.

In cases where public hearings or other public process must be covered we will provide contract representatives to atttend meetings or to contact the managers of therpocess to ensure that client concerns are considered.

Keywords: Educational Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Security