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By: Taylor Munro  09-12-2011
Keywords: Renewable Energy, Water Heating, Hot Water

Taylor Munro designs and installs solar water heating systems for residential and commercial customers. We also offer a variety of services related to this work, including:


With our expertise in renewable energy, Taylor Munro offers consulting services for research, reporting, feasibility studies, or special projects relating to renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions. We make every effort to communicate specialized information clearly and succinctly, acknowledging that our audience might not be familiar with the language and terminology. Contact us for information and references.

Recent Projects Tools for Change - Taylor Munro prepared a report for Spark Strategies, a Vancouver-based management consulting company that focuses on environmental and social innovation for businesses and organizations. The report examined and assessed a variety of software tools for businesses to measure their greenhouse gas emissions.

Emission Reduction Trading - Taylor Munro prepared a report for the Earth Energy Society of Canada. Based on Taylor Munro's experience with GERT and additional research, the report describes the benefits and challenges of greenhouse gas emission reduction trading and offers recommendations for the Earth Energy Society of Canada.

Solar Feasibility Study - Taylor Munro conducted a feasibility study for the City of Toronto to assess the viability of using solar water heating at five indoor swimming pools. The study included site inspections, an assessment of relevant solar technology, detailed computer simulations, a review of capital and operating costs, and recommendations for stand-alone systems or combination systems with domestic hot water (DHW). The final analysis included cost savings, energy savings, and a greenhouse gas emission reduction summary.

Service & Repair

Taylor Munro provides complete maintenance and repair services to customers in the Lower Mainland area of B.C. For sites beyond Greater Vancouver, some travel charges may apply.

Before calling us, try to gather as much information about your system as possible, including:

  • Manufacturer names and model numbers for your solar equipment
  • Approximate age of the components
  • The name of the company that originally installed the system

We offer our customer the option to use eco-certified lumber for our solar collector racks, where applicable.  Eco-certified lumber is wood that has been grown, harvested, and processed according to sustainable environmental standards. Reclaimed lumber: A local miller makes high quality cedar boards from used telephone poles. We use these boards to make beautiful, durable racks that are designed to withstand years of weathering. Cedar has further environmental benefits: it has a natural preservative so it doesn't need to be pressure-treated, painted, or stained. And it smells good, too!In the office

  • We use recycled paper (80% post-consumer, processed chlorine free) in our office. Our business cards are made from 90% post-consumer and 10% hemp fibre.
  • Our hot water is solar heated!

Let us take the risk in providing your energy. We will install, at no cost to you, your commercial or industrial solar water heating system, and sell you the energy at a price that out-competes anyone! Contact us for information.

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