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By: Sei Industries  09-12-2011
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Collapsible water tanks for hydraulic fracturing

About the FRAC Tank

No matter what method used, hydraulic fracking is an energy and resource intensive process for well site completion companies.  Depending on the conditions, fracked wells can require millions of gallons of water and getting that water into a site, especially a remote site, can prove expensive and challenging.  Typically, trucks make hundreds of trips to carry the fracking fluid to the site or large, expensive steel storage tanks have to be installed.  The heavy storage tanks can, in turn, damage the ground they sit on and be as costly to remove as they were to purchase.  Steel tanks can also have a long wait time – from purchase to delivery – depending on the inventory available which can hold up well site exploration and development.

Fortunately, there’s a new tool that makes fluid storage simple and cost-effective for hydraulic fracturing.  SEI Industries Ltd.’s newly-released FRAC Tank is a collapsible pillow-style water bladder tank designed specifically for oil and gas exploration and development.  The FRAC Tank is easy to set-up and can be used immediately with almost no site preparation required.  The tanks are lightweight, fully collapsible and can be transported in a pick-up truck (no road permits required).  SEI's FRAC Tanks is also environmentally-friendly and does not damage the ground beneath it.

One FRAC Tank can store as much as 50,000 USG (1200 BBLs (US) or 190m3).  In less than 60 minutes, using a manifold system, multiple tanks can be set-up to provide whatever volume of storage is required.  Even better, the FRAC Tank can be acquired in half the time it takes to get a steel tank.


  • Convenient: collapsible, lightweight, easy to relocate.

  • Rapidly deployable: can be hooked to a skid steer loader and unrolled quickly.
  • Use immediately: almost no site preparation required.
  • Lower transportation costs: can be transported easily by pick-up truck (no road permits needed).
  • Quick set-up: one FRAC Tank can store as much as 50,000 USG (1200 BBLs (US) or 190m3).  In less than 60 minutes, using a manifold system, multiple tanks can be set-up to provide whatever volume of storage is required. 
  • Durable: more abrasion and chemically-resistant than other materials, cold-resistant to -50 °C.
  • Less risk of freeze-up: due to its lower profile, only 5’ (1.5 m) high when fully filled, the FRAC Tank offers good heat retention and low wind resistance.
  • Customizable: available in standard capacities from 12,000 USG (45 m) to 50,000 USG (190 m) or custom capacities, as per customer specifications.

Tank Construction

Not all collapsible bladder tanks are created equal.  Constructed to endure, FRAC Tanks are made from a specially developed heavy-duty industrial fabric that features a thicker and denser coating to ensure a level of durability that will stand up to frequent relocations and punishing outdoor conditions.  In addition, all seams are radio-frequency welded (no hot air, wedge welding or use of glue). 

A groundsheet – which can be attached to the FRAC Tank – is also supplied to prevent it from freezing to the ground during winter operations.  This sheet is removable and serves as a wrap to protect the tank during shipping.  SEI’s FRAC Tank can be shipped via all methods – by land, sea or air.

Multiple fill/drain ports are provided on the side of every tank for convenient connection to your frac water system and provide flow rates up to 10,000 LPM (2,641 USGPM).  For additional durability, heavy-duty abrasion patches protect the tank around these fill/drain ports.  A vent kit and a dry repair kit (with user manual) are also included with each tank.

FRAC Tank Fabric

SEI’s FRAC Tank industrial fabric is a proprietary high-strength, high abrasion-resistant material that is also chemically-resistant and coloured in high visibility safety orange.  It's ideal for use in winter temperatures as low as -50 C (

) where it can be folded and unfolded in extreme cold.  The FRAC Tank can also be used constantly with heated fluids up to +71 C (with limited exposure to +82 C liquids).  In addition, the tank's low profile design helps to maintain its fluid temperatures better compared to vertical steel tanks. 

Another feature of this unique fabric is its high resistance to abrasion — an important aspect when tanks are continually moved from site to site.  Typical mil spec fabrics have abrasion resistance of 6,000-13,000 cycles (

) while the FRAC tank fabric has a 73,000 cycle abrasion resistance to handle the wear and tear of continual movements.  

Sizes and Dimensions

The FRAC Tank can be manufactured in a range of sizes including custom capacities.  The standard model size is 190 cubic meters or 50,000 US gallons.

12,000 USG (45 m ³ )

25,000 USG (95 m ³ )

50,000 USG (190 m ³ )

Tank Size

Shipping Size


Tank Size

Shipping Size


Tank Size

Shipping Size


18’ x 28’

40 x 40 x 20 in.

360 lbs.
+ crate

24’ x 39’

76 x 40 x 28 in.

635 lbs.
+ crate

33’ x 53’

76 x 40 x 48 in.

1100 lbs.
+ crate

5.6 m x
8.4 m.

1 x 1 x
.5 m.

163 kg.
+ crate

7.2 m x 11.8 m.

1.9 x 1 x
.7 m.

288 kg.
+ crate

10 m x
16 m.

1.9 x 1 x 1.2 m.

499 kg.
+ crate

* Custom sizes available. Please enquire for your particular needs.

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

Product Information

Keywords: Fabrics, hydraulic fracturing, Storage Tanks

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