Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) for Fuel Hauling

By: Sei Industries  09-12-2011
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Meet the BATT, the world's most advanced collapsible aviation tank

About the BATT

When there’s no gas station in sight for hundreds of miles, fuel supply becomes a critical aspect for the military and many other industries including mining, construction, aviation, resource exploration and forest firefighting.  It’s why SEI Industries developed its new Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) – the world’s first collapsible, double-walled, baffled transportation tank that allows users to safely carry bulk fuel to remote sites via aircraft.

The BATT comes in a range of sizes to fit various aircraft.  Currently, the DC-3, MIL-17, Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter models are available.  Future sizes include models for the DC-6, Sikorsky S-61, Bell 412 and C-130 Hercules aircraft. 

The BATT took a number of months to develop and was first deployed in 2010 for use by South America’s Columbian law enforcement.  With the official Canadian launch of the BATT in the summer of 2011, operators can now deploy an innovative new option for bulk fuel transportation to remote sites.

On-Site Fuel Storage Options

Once the fuel supply arrives on-site, SEI also provides an exceptional option for storing it.  SEI’s



 collapsible fuel bladder tanks are ideal for transferring fuel from the BATT to static fuel storage tanks on the ground.  These tanks fold up for easy transport to remote sites by aircraft and are available in sizes from 2000 L to 100,000 L. 

Constructed from a proprietary high-durability fabric unique to SEI Industries, the

has excellent UV and hydrolysis resistance qualities for a longer life expectancy than any other urethane collapsible fabric tank.  With all these features plus its vent system to handle deep snowfalls, the Arctic King can withstand even the most extreme conditions.

What Customers Say

"The BATT system has enabled us to improve our aircraft efficiency and utilization which has accelerated the return on investment.  The BATT offers flexibility to our clients which helps to keep operational costs down.  The bulk movement of diesel fuel in the BATT is more cost effective than the transport, handling and the ultimate disposal of fuel drums."

Licenced in Canada

In the past, only fuel drums were allowed to transport fuel without special permits.  Today, SEI is proud to be the first company to receive a Transportation of Dangerous Goods Equivalency Certificate (SA 10638) from Transport Canada allowing the BATT to be used without special permits for the transportation of fuels.

This certificate states that the BATT is limited to supplying fuel to areas with remote access or where other transportation options are not readily available or practical.  The certificate also states that the fuel must be loaded into a flexible tank that meets all the specifications of the BATT as manufactured by SEI Industries.  To view the entire certificate or to download a copy, please

Advanced Construction

Why is a double-walled tank preferred for aviation transport?  Typically, single-walled tanks do not have a strapping system built onto the tank and rely on cargo nets or external straps which can shift or can't be fully tightened.

The unique double-walled design of the BATT incorporates a strapping system to secure the tank to the aircraft.  This allows for minor shifting of the inner tank during flight operations which ensures that the inner tank does not develop small micro tears along the seams which can eventually cause tank failure.  It also allows the tank to be more evenly secured to the aircraft because the strapping can't shift on the outer tank.

The outer tank of the BATT is made from 32 oz OBU urethane fabric.  This fabric is typically used in oil boom containment and SEI’s Type 1 helicopter Bambi Buckets that are in constant movement.  It is designed to be resistant to hydrocarbons, abrasion and puncture.  The inner tank is designed specifically to be in constant contact with hydrocarbons and is made from proprietary fabric that exceeds military specification MIL-T-52983G.


  • Economic Savings

    • It allows operators to purchase and transport bulk fuel while maximizing any aircraft’s load-carrying capacity. 

    • Dead head flights (with no cargo or passengers) are minimized because the BATT can be folded up and stored when not in use.

    • The BATT eliminates damage to the aircraft caused when handling fuel drums, reduces the cost of fuel loss for fuel spoiled in drums and provides a cost savings to operators who continually lose money because they cannot return damaged drums. 

  • Increased Safety

    • The BATT comes in a range of sizes to fit various aircraft.  A built-in strapping system insures that the payload doesn't shift unlike drums which are not specifically designed for aircraft interiors.

    • The BATT eliminates the continued handling of drums which can result in damage and spills inside the aircraft.  The BATT is double-walled to minimize abrasion and puncture damage and provides built-in secondary containment. 

    • The BATT has two unique baffle designs, one for fixed wing and one for rotary wing aircraft to control center of gravity shifting in flight.

  • Environmental Impact

    • The BATT allows remote site operators to eliminate empty drums which are often abandoned because of the high cost associated with removing them.  This prevents environmental impacts in remote and, often, sensitive locations.

    • Fewer drums means fewer spills due to handling.

    • The BATT is the next step in SEI’s revolution to “Kick The Can."

NOTE: Currently, SEI is working with a select group of operators to test new models of BATTs. If you have an aircraft that we don’t currently have a tank size for and there are enough models of this airframe in use for fuel transport, you may qualify to be our next

and receive a special offer.


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