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By: Medallion System  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cpu Module

For high-volume products, we do both design and manufacturing for our clients.
Our team of experienced designers and engineers take pride in designing affordable, innovative, feature-rich and high-quality products!

A custom design is a single board that includes the circuitry of a Medallion CPU module plus the custom I/O and power-supply circuits.

Our business model is to offer design services at a low cost, and generate on-going revenues/profits from modest margins on HW sales. We do not charge any licensing on top of our hardware sales prices.

In a typical development process, after we nail down the requirements, we generate specs, and then build a big, 2-layer board with all the peripherals, and power it with a Medallion CPU module.
At this point, it looks like a semi-custom design, except that the layout is spread out to ease testing and debugging, and additional test connectors will be included.

After we have proven the peripheral technology (with any modifications, or cuts and jumpers as required), we will condense the design to a single-board solution.
We work closely with another company for the plastics design of the custom enclosures, if you should need one.
Together, we can create a low-cost product that exactly meets the customer’s needs, but save a big bundle of $$$ by basing the design on our proven platform.
And speaking of platform, our Linux is “pure” ARM Linux with very minimal modifications. Most of our additions are device drivers, our boot-loader, and debug/development support.
We also have a Sun-compliant port of IBM’s J9 VM available.

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Keywords: Cpu Module

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