PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains from Kingman Industries

By: Kingman Industries  28-03-2013
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Held in high standing for their versatility and low cost, strip curtains are one of the best known examples of PVC use for industrial, retail and manufacturing businesses. There are dozens of applications where strip curtains can be used. Kingman Industries manufactures its strip curtains to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of industries. Our engineering process adds important safety features to the design, giving our curtains added value and efficiency. Product Features - Concave / Convex Construction: By alternating and overlapping the strips, the door will have a built-in "sealing ability" that helps maintain strip contact and improve its overall effectiveness. This reduces or altogether eliminates changes between temperature, humidity and outside particulate contamination. - Rounded Edges: Rounded side edges on vinyl strips help prevent snagging clothes or products and act as an important safety measure. As well, Kingman’s rounded strip curtain edges also eliminate abrasions or cuts that might happen to personnel as they pass through a door and come into contact with the edge. - Easy Cleaning: Vinyl strip curtains can be washed using a simple combination of household detergent and water, making maintenance a snap. - Clear Vision Ahead: The vinyl material is transparent and allows light to freely pass through it, providing personnel on both sides a clear view at oncoming traffic.Will your strip curtains be exposed to the outside? Specific stabilizers have been added to the vinyl compound help to reduce fading and yellowing due to ultraviolet light emitted from the sun. - Energy Saving: Having strip curtains as a separator between a warmer zone and a colder one will greatly improve energy and temperature loss. PVC acts as an excellent insulator, and the flexibility it provides allows for smooth passage of equipment and people between the two temperature zones. - Flame Resistant: Our product is registered as flame resistant by the California State Fire Marshall.

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