Kel-Ex Agencies TDG Training and Supplies – Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods

By: Kel Ex  09-12-2011
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Kel-Ex Agencies, A Division of ICC Compliance Center, is dedicated to keeping your shipments and in compliance with and marking regulations by providing an extensive selection of , ,, and the


ICC provides a wide assortment of products for compliance with transportation regulations. This includes recordkeeping supplies (logbooks and vehicle inspection reports), security measures (tamper-proof seals and cable cutters), and shipping documentation (bills of lading), as well as placards, labels, and safety signs (such as emergency response numbers and wide right turn).

Label Printing Solutions

Label printing solutions range from printers and accessories to blank label stock for on-demand printing of short-run labels. Printers available from ICC are: thermal transfer desk, high-performance web, wide-web and laser. Printer accessories include a variety of toners, power rewinders, cleaning cards, print head cleaning pens, swabs, cleaning wipes, general-purpose ribbons (wax-based), premium ribbons (wax/resin) and super premium ribbons (resin). Blank label stock is also available sheeted (indoor and outdoor applications) or in rolls for on-demand printing. In addition, onsite service plans and onsite depot plans are available upon request.

Workplace Health and Safety

ICC's workplace health and safety product line consists of a wide range of labeling, signage, tags, posters and packaging accessories. Our line of labels include WHMIS supplier labels, workplace labels, universal handling labels, shipping and custom labels. Facility safety signage includes: caution, danger, notice, safety first, think, fire, pictographs, radiation, and custom signs. Available tags include Danger, Caution and Warning signs, production and quality control tags, self-laminating tags, and regulatory tags such as NFPA and PACE. Our popular line of posters cover topics such as shipping by ground, air and sea, UN-specification packaging, load segregation and using the WHMIS system. Our extensive packaging line covers both single and combination packages, as well as accessories such as sift-proof/leak-proof liner bags, packaging tape, anti-static bags, packing list envelopes, absorbent pillows and pads, torque wrenches, and crimping tools. Other workplace health and safety solutions are available upon request.

Keywords: Labels, Packaging