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By: Fsl  09-12-2011

BarricadeMX is very high capacity anti-spam application. It is the simplest to maintain and the most accurate solution available at an affordable price.  BMX is suitable for very high volume sites while at the same time it is an ideal product for smaller sites that want a low cost, hands-off and trouble free solution for spam and virus detection.

It may be used as a basic standalone anti-spam / anti-virus filter or used in combination with DefenderMX or MailScanner to provide more administrator, end user and multiple domain controls and options.

If you maintain a high volume site with millions of messages per day, BarricadeMX is definitely the best solution.  A dual CPU BarricadeMX system has successfully handled over 7,000 simultaneous MTA connections without failing.  It provides complete control over Joe-Job, Denial of Service attacks (DOS) and other attack vectors.

BarricadeMX V2 is now available for Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.  It will soon be available for Windows.

BarricadeMX Plus extends the powerful core technologies present in BarricadeMX by adding a user and
domain level web interface and additional monitoring interfaces.These additional features allow your customers full control of their e-mail filtering and quarantine while
providing substantially enhanced reporting capabilities.BarricadeMX Plus has all the features and advantages of BarricadeMX and More!

MailScanner is one of the world’s most popular open source applications. It is used at over 60,000 sites, protecting government agencies, corporations and educational institutions. It processes more than 750 million e-mail messages every day, removing over 10 million viruses and identifying 300 million spam messages.

We provide support and maintenance for MailScanner sites which includes:
* On-demand support at hourly rates
* Fully automated subscriptions updates for MailScanner and related applications
* Yearly maintenance and support contracts for MailScanner sites